The Twilight Saga

Alice's POV 
It Had Been Now 7 Years Since My Dear Niece Nessie Was Born And Two Years Ago My Beloved Jasper Had Left He Couldn't Take The Constant Bloodflow Of Humans And Werewolves Around Him (Which Was Constant At Our House Since Nessie And Jacob Were There With The Wolves Their Parents And Bella's Dad Charlie) He Finally Snapped Saying "Alice I Can't Take It I'm Sorry," As He Gave Me A Quick Kiss On My Lips Vanishing Without A Word We Haven't Heard From Him Since Except Me He Sent Me One Text Message Saying "Dear Alice I'm Super Sorry Please Don't Send Me Anything Again I Can't Take It. Since Then I've Been A Complete Wreck I Never Wanted To Go Shopping Anymore (Which Was A Big Shocker) With My Dear Neice, I Never Paid Attention To Visions, I Even Forgot To Plan A Birthday Party For Renesmee Until Edward Reminded Me. That Day Was A Shocker I Planned For That Party Just In Time For It To Be Perfect But The Biggest Shock Off The Day Was When That Mutt Named Jacob Proposed To Her So I Got Planning Right Away On Their Wedding Acturally I'm Planning Right Now I've Closed Myself Off In My Room Planning Planning Planning Waiting For Somebody To Catch My Interest And Perk Up My Day But Sadly Nobody Has Fit The Bill Around Here. Suddenly I Smelt About 4 Of The Wolves Drifting In From My Vent (I Even Stayed Away From Seth Who If I Picked Had To Pick To Be My Friend Because He Was So Accepting And He Was Always Aceptionaly Nice To Me) "JACOB PLEASE GET OUT WITH YOUR DOG'S!" Suddenly I Heard Nessie Crying In Front Off My Door I Quickly Got Up And Ran To The Door Flinging It Open Saying "I'm Sorry Nessie," But She Was Already At The End Of The Hall In Jacob's Arms. I Saw That There Was A Package I Guess Nessie Was Bringing It To Me When I Saw Jacob's Menacing Stare From Over Nessie Looking Down At The Package The Up To Me Then He Quickly Pulled Nessie Away From The Corner And Out Of The Door I Waited Until I Heard The Door Slam To Pick Up The Package Then Run Back Into My Room And Sitting Back On My Bed. I Looked At The Package Still In My Hands I Quickly Put Up My Planner To Where Jacob Couldn't Reach (Believe Me That Was Hard Since He Was Like Two Heads Taller Then Me And A Way  Longer Reach) And Sat Back Down On The Bed And Opened The Package Seeing It Was A Beautiful Blue Top With A Matching Scarf. Of Course Nessie Knew I Looked And Liked Good In Blue She Was Trying So Hard To Cheer Me Up. I Smiled Knowing Nessie Was Still Thinking About Me She Made Jacob Take Her To Town Every Week Sometimes As Far As Seatle To Pick Me Up Something That She Thought Would Cheer Me Up. I Loved Her Sometimes I Actually Wished Jasper Would Have Been Able To Imprint On Me So He Couldn't Leave Me But He Was A Vampire I'd Have To Be With A Werewolf To Get Imprinted On. Gosh This Was So Unfair To Me.

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omg this is a good discussion to have i love it so much
YAYAYAYAYAY My First Fan I'm Planning On Updating Tonight if I Have It All Spell Checked At The End Make Sure You Click That Picture It'll Show You A Pic I Made For The Story

i have thats why i loved it so much


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Chapter 1 ~ An Un-natural Feelin (Seth's POV)

For Some Reason Since Jasper Had Left It Felt Like Whenever I Was Near The Cullens Something Pulled Me To It I Wanted To Go So Bad To See What It Was But I Needed My Sleep And When I Wasn't Sleeping I Was Doing Patrols Or Eating I Never Got A Chance. If Only I Could Go And Sneak A Peak Over There To See What It's About But I Was Stuck With Sam Right Now And Since He Was Probally Reading My Every Thought He'd Tell The Other Wolves Not To Let Me Go Over There. I Was Feeling That Pull Right Now While I Did My Shift Wondering, Wondering, Wondering What This Strange Pull Towards The Cullens Place As I Raced Around Both La Push And Their Place. "Seth Will You Please Shut Up About Your Little Pull To Their House And Focuse On Patroling!" Sam Barked. "Sorry Sam." I Said Quickly. That Was One Bad Thing About Being A Wolf You Can't Think To Yourself At All Because Everybody Knows You To Well. "Seth Watch The Trail Now!" Sam Used His Alpha Voice To Send Me Back To Watching The Trail As I Entered La Push. Right Then Jared And Paul Phased In And Ended My Shift And Sam's. "Thank God You Guys Got Here Seth's Been Going Crazy About His Supposed Pull To The Cullen's." Sam Quickly Phased Out With Him Being Close To His House. I Continued Running To My House With Paul And Jared Snickering. I Quickly Caught Up To Jared Nipped His Leg Then Turned For My House Before He Caught Me. "HAHAHAHA THAT'S WHAT'CHA GET JARED." I Used My Hearing To Make Sure He Wasn't Following Me Because That Would Get Me Hurt If I Phased And Was Vulnerable In My Human Form While Him In His Wolf. When I Knew Neither Was Near Me I Phased And Put On My Shorts And Walked Into My House. "You Hungry Seth?" My Mom Asked Me. "When Am I Not Hungry," I Smiled And Chuckled As I Sad Down At The Table And Started Eating A Dinosaur-Sized Turkey Leg. "Mom I Love Your Turkey Leg's," I Said With My Mouthful. "Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full," She Tried Smacking Me In The Back Of The Head But With My Super Hearing I Was Able To Dodge. I Swallowed Quickly. "Sorry Mom," "You Better Be." She Griped As I Quickly Finished The Turkey Leg And Took Off For My Room To Get Some Clothes For A Shower. "I'll Probally Be Able To Figure It Out Tomarrow Since Sam Is Letting Us All Off For Jake's Wedding....I'll Figure It Out Then." I Said As I Stepped Out Of The Shower Now Clean And Put On My Clothes. "Time For Bed." I Said As I Snuggled In And Set My Alarm Clock Since I Was Jake's Best Man For The Wedding And Fell Asleep.

that is really good you should write a book
I Don't Think I'll Write A Book But Thank's I'm Planning To Post Again Tomarrow Well Midnight My Time So Another 40 Minutes

Chapter 2 ~ The Dawn Of A New Day 


Alice's POV
I Had Finally Got Everything Ready For Nessie's Wedding. Once Her And Jacob Had Left For The Day I Had Got Out My Planner And Went To The Living Room And Worked The Last Details Out With Bella Edward Rosalie And Esme. We Left Emmett Out Because He'd Want To Make It Mocking Jake And The Rest Of The Pack And We Knew That Renesmee Would Not Stand For It. Once We Had Finally Worked Out How To Set The Flowers We Set Up The Entire Thing Making Sure Jacob And Nessie Would Not See Anything Off It. They Were Staying At Jacob's House Tonight And In The Morning Edward And Bella Would Go And Get Them To Make Sure The Couldn't Go Snooping Around And Looking At How It Was Set. Even Though Edward Didn't Want Too Really (He Still Hated The Idea Of Renesmee And Jacob Being Together Even Though He Knew Jacob Would Never Hurt Her On Purpose We Were Forbidden To Think About What Jacob And Nessie Could Do When They Were Away...Would Do When They Were Away) He Was Going To Help Jacob Get His Hair Out Of It's Always Messy Stature And Actually Make It Nice While Bella And Esme Would Help Renesmee Out. (I Had Given Up On The Idea Of Helping Knowing I Would Just Bring Nessie Down) Once Everything Was In Place And I Had A Minute To Myself I Knew What I Was Going To Do Anyways And I Would Get Killed By Jacob If I Did It During The Wedding So I Went Up To My Room Shut The Door And Moped As Much As I Could Before The Wedding Over My Beloved Jasper Leaving Me. 
Seth's POV
I Woke Up To The Blaring Off My Alarm Clock. "Today Is The Day I Find Out Why I'm Being Pulled To The Cullens Why I Want To Go There So Much" I Thought Confidently To Myself. I Quickly Turned Off My Alarm Clock Before Leah Could Come In Here Yelling And Got Some Day Clothes Thinking I Would Change Into My Tux When I Was At The Wedding So I Went To The Bathroom And Took A Quick Shower, Brushed My Teeth, Combed My Hair, Grabbed My Tux And Took Off For The Cullens. I Passed Bella And Edward On Their Way Out And They Told Me I Could Change In Edwards Room The Only Two Bathrooms Were Already Prepped For Renesmee And Jacob. The House Was Strangly Quiet But Strikingly Beautiful Kinda How Sam Thinks Emily Looks. I Went Quickly To Edward's Room And Changed But I Didn't Know Where To Start Looking For The Pull Then Suddenly It Happened The Pull Was Strong Stronger Then Before. So I Followed It To Alice's Room. "Alice? What Would She Have To Do With It?" I Thought To Myself As I Knocked On The Door Quietly. "Alice Can I Please Come In?"

Chapter 3 ~ Alice And Seth Finally Together 

Alice's POV 
I had just finished moping and was getting up to go to my closet to pull out my dress, when Seth knocked (thankfully quietly) on my door asking to come in. "What Seth?" I said as I sat back down on my bed. "I really need to talk to you," He quietly said as the front door slammed signaling that Jacob and Nessie were back with Edward And Bella. "Why can't we see what our own wedding look's like?" Jake And Nessie almost said at the same time."Technically your not even supposed to see each other on your wedding day. Thats how it was with mine and Bella's wedding day," Edward answered."Ya, why do you think you two are blindfolded," Bella added.Then they were quickly rushed into their bathrooms. The doors slammed shut, indicating that the prep was starting. "Fine Seth come in," I said with an annoyed sound in my voice. "Thanks, that makes me feel wanted," he said as he came in and shut the door. Wow he looks hot, I thought as I quickly looked him up and down. But then I looked him in the eyes and it all snapped. It was like he was the only thing that mattered right then, right now.
Seth's POV
I knocked on the door quietly. "Alice can I please come in?" "What Seth?" she quietly said as I heard her sit down on her bed. "I really need to talk to you." I said quietly as Jacob and Nessie were suddenly brought in, griping as they were ushered to their bathrooms. "Fine Seth come in." I quickly opened the door and walked in, and then shut the door behind me. I watched as she quickly looked me up and down, I knew she was checking me out. I was suddenly excited. Then she looked me in the eyes. After all the wolves told me about imprinting, showed me what it felt like, I knew it was her. I couldn't help myself, I was suddenly on top of her, kissing her sweet, tasting lips. Wherever she touched my skin, it felt great. Having my skin burn like that, her scent was suddenly the best thing in the world. I was completely out of it when I was thrown to the floor by Alice. I winced, shut my eyes, then opened them again. "What the hell was that for!" I said with a little anger in my voice as I got up. Then my brain remembered that she was my imprint, I immediately said sorry. "Why don't you tell me why you were on top of me Seth!" "I'm sorry I saw you checking me out, then I looked into your eyes and I...I imprinted on you Alice and I got impulsive and then I was on top of you, I am super sorry Alice. I've always been one of the most impulsive of the pack." I said quietly as I stayed standing up, scared I'd be thrown into the wall if I got impulsive again. "Wait just a minute you imprinted on me, but you've looked into my eyes like a thousand times. I thought it had to be the first time," she quickly said, almost all in the same second. "I don't know, I guess I somehow knew that you were so in love with Jasper, that even if I imprinted on you, you wouldn't want me. Since I'm alive forever, as long as I keep phasing and I'm around vampires, I just decided I would wait for him to leave." I suddenly said and the second I said Jasper I regretted it. If she could, she would be bawling right now. "I'm super sorry Alice. Please don't look like that, you're literally killing me." I quickly tried to look away, but I couldn't help myself (Stupid Impulsiveness). I sat by her and had my arm around her, hugging her to my side, as she put her head on my shoulder with a really sad look on her face. Just then the door burst open and Jacob and Edward barged in, then Edward said "Alice what's wrong?" as he quickly read both our minds. "Well Leah isn't going to like this." Jacob said and then they both said "Seth you imprinted on Alice!" "GET OUT NOW!" Alice growled at both of them. I winced at the intensity of her words as I sat next to her. Jacob and Edward quickly retreated, shutting the door behind them, I got up. "Seth could you please get my dress out of the closet, then you can leave if you want to."

Authors Note: Major Credit Goes To My Great Friend Jennifer She Edit's This And make's it AWESOME


Chapter 4 ~ I Love You Alice Please Never Leave Me


Seth's POV
I walked over to the closet, grabbed the dress that was clearly for the wedding, and handed it to Alice "I'm just gonna give you some privacy while you change. Call me back when your done, I'll help you with anything you need. Unless you don't want any help." I said quickly and backed out of the room while closing the door. I decided that Alice would want some alone time to sort this out, so I sat down against the wall, facing the door. I listened to Alice change, then to my suprise she opened the door and saw me sitting down. "Well come on silly, you said you wanted to come back in," she said, finally giving in to the temptation of me imprinting on her,knowing it would kill me if she didn't. I quickly got up and joined her in her room, shutting the door behind me. I gave Alice a quick kiss on the cheek, which she smiled at me for, then she went and sat in a chair and started fixing her hair. I layed down on her bed, enjoying how it smelled like her, how this whole room smelled like her. Suddenly she was sitting beside me, holding a necklace in front of me. "Could you please put this on Seth? I can't get the clamp to unclick so I can latch it." "Of course my dear Alice." I sat up and took the necklace gently from her hands and latched it on her neck. Then I started massaging her shoulders, seeing that the muscles there were pulled tightly from the stress of planning the wedding. "Thank you so much Seth, I really needed that," she pulled herself on to my lap so I could easily massage them for her. "Your welcome Alice. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask me, I'll do anything for you," she smiled as I said that. "I know you would, I've seen how imprinting works. Want to know what's weird Seth? Just yesterday I was asking myself why I wasn't special enough to have a wolf imprint on me. I can see how much Jacob loves Nessie and no matter how hard it gets, he would never leave her." I stopped massaging her neck, wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed her back to my chest, allowing my heat to relax her muscles. "Don't worry Alice, I will never leave you, no matter what happens." She smiled the second I said that. "I like the sound of that." She turned around, wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed me down on the bed, kissing me and leaving me burning wherever she touched me. I loved that burning sensation. I pulled away when I felt myself becoming impulsive. I didn't want to get carried away, it would end in the destruction of both of our outfits if she didn't let me go. "I'd love for this to continue Alice, but I'm impulsive and if you don't stop me soon enough, then both our outfits will be ripped and shredded." She pouted for a second and then smiled. " I think we can continue later, we are both old enough and nothing will happen since I'm a vampire." I quietly whispered in her ear, "Just ask me to stay tonight and its a deal. I can't say no to you. Then we can do anything you want." She smiled, "So no matter what, if I ask, you can't say no." "I can try and talk you out of it, but if you press it, there's no way I can say no." She smiled again,"Well we should go get in place, it's almost time." I quickly got up while holding Alice in the air, her legs were still wrapped around me. She let go of my waist and was standing in front of me. "Let's go." We walked hand in hand down the stairs and got to the altar, which was equally as beautiful as the rest off the house. "Great job Alice." "Thanks," she smiled.
Jacob's POV

I rolled my eyes as Edward, once again, went over how this was gonna go and that I might as well accept it. "God, why can't you shut up," I thought, forgetting he could read minds and was probably picking through my mind; more than likely trying to figure out what was going to happen on Isle Esme. (Which he will not get until we get back) "Fine Jacob I'll stop going through it. I just don't think your getting it. I will kill you and anybody else who messes up this wedding." "First off, no you won't because if you go for the pack, the pack will turn you into a jigsaw puzzle and I'll let them. Second here's a little hint, the ENTIRE pack will be here, so I'd stop your threats, they're getting annoying. So just shut up already," I said as I finished my hair. "Now I'm going to get in place, ok." I heard him growl as I walked out of the room. Then I heard a loud thump come from Alice's room. I ran up there, with Edward right behind me, and threw open the door. I saw Alice in Seth's arms and immediatly knew that look of care and concern. He imprinted on Alice. As Edward said, "Alice what's wrong?", I said, "Well Leah isn't gonna like this." I winked at Seth, letting him know I wouldn't tell her but I really don't think he saw it. "GET OUT NOW!" Alice quickly growled at us, so we hurriedly ran out of the room before our heads, well Edward's, she wouldn't ruin Nessie's wedding, were on the floor. We shut the door behind us. "Wow, I've never seen Alice that angry before! She honestly scared me when she growled." I told Edward. "Ya, I've seen her get irritated, but not angry. I bet this is going to be an awkward topic in the pack mind." "Ugh, I don't even want to think about that right now. Ok, now I'm going to go get in place." I walked to the altar and stood in place, chatting with Old Quil Ateara, he would be heading the ceremony. I was eagerly waiting for the wedding to start. The place was beautiful, with both mine and Nessie's favorite flowers, red and white roses. They were everywhere, coodinating each other, helping them grow in beauty. All of a sudden Alice and Seth came strolling in, holding hands. I smiled. Seth has been a complete wreck since he started feeling the pull to the Cullen's house. If Bella had seen him, she would have said he was turning into Sam. But hopefully we never have to see that again, now that he's with Alice. Wow I still couldn't figure that out. Oh well nothing we can really do about it now. "Seth what are you doing with Alice?!" I turned to see Old Quil freaking out a little bit by seeing Seth and Alice walking hand and hand toward us. "Well Quil," Seth snickered at calling Old Quil by that "I imprinted on the lovely Alice."Quil just shook his head and went back over what he was supposed to be saying later. I smiled at Seth and Alice, who had finally reached us. "Thank you Sh...," I saw Seth's menacing glare at me when I was about to call Alice by my nickname for her and immediately rethought it, "Thank You Alice this is the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen." "Your welcome Jacob." She smiled at Seth because she also hated being called 'Shorty', which was what I was going to call her.

that is amazing


seems really good so far!!!...............wonder what jacob and nessie will do on isle esme................ :)

Jacob and Seth are THE BEST werewolves ever!!!!!!!!


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