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my moms friend told me that jaocb only loved bella becuase she was the carrier of his "imprinter"

I personally think its not true because he didnt know that bella and and edward were gonna get married.

know my mom is trying to tell me sinc jacob had such a strong relationship with bella he sinced the egg in bella and " loved bella because of nessie" LIE

tell me what u think!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate that she said that.!!!! 

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If you are going to follow that logic then you have to follow it all the way.

This is extremely complicated. Was it that one particular egg that Jacob was attached to inside of Bella? Sense Jacob was not connected to Edward, does it not matter who that father is? So could Jacob have imprinted on his own child (if he had made a child with Bella), sense the father doesn't matter? If it is based on Bella, then would he have still imprinted if Nessie had been a boy (it is the male who determines gender not the female)?
- You see what I am getting at. (by the way, I do not expect you to actually answer those questions, just something to think about) If you are going to open that door, then you have to take it all the way. And that can lead you to some very nasty places. :)
The thing that annoys me about this the most is that I can completely go either direction, that there IS a connection between Jacob and Bella due to the “future Nessie” and I also can argue that there is NOT. Sense this theory irritates me then I will go with the NOT first.

-- My strongest evidence AGAINST Jacob and Bella being connected due to the “future Nessie” is because I feel that Jacob falls in love with Bella before he phases. And for him to connect to her based on his future imprint is literally impossible, it just can't happen. So Jacob falls in love with Bella just because she is this girl that he crushes on and then starts spending every day with. Bella also felt that same connection to Jacob. The very first day that she sees him bringing him the motorcycles she is smiling and laughing. She easily could have left the bikes and not returned until after they were finished, but she could feel that Jacob made her feel better.
-- It also bothers me that they have a romantic connection, IF their connection is really due to the “future Nessie”. I think that Bella should have been more like a sister to him, I understand Jacob being very protective of Bella and wanting to make sure that she is safe. And maybe because Jacob was already in love with Bella before he phased then after he phased he just misunderstood the “protective feeling” for “love”. But the book is pretty clear that Jacob has a very dirty mind, especially in regards to Bella, and very much wants a romantic relationship with her. And to me that works against the “creation” of Nessie because if Jacob and Bella were together then Nessie would never come to be.
-- Another of my arguments is that if Jacob and Bella are going to feel connected to each other because of the “future Nessie” then I think that Edward and Jacob should feel connected to each other also. Clearly not in a romantic way, but just where they should want to hate each other and just for some reason can't (very similar to the friendship between Edward and Seth).

One thing that I always try to do is take my personal feelings out of it and look at things objectively. So therefore I can also argue that there is a connection between Jacob and Bella due to the future Nessie.
The strongest evidence FOR that connection is actually after Bella gives birth. I have always said that there IS a connection between the PREGNANT Bella and Jacob and THAT connection is Nessie. After Bella gives birth that pull to Jacob is gone, but more than that, Bella's love for Jacob is gone also. We know from Leah that just because the person imprints it does not take away their love for the person (Leah still loved Sam). So where is Bella's love for Jacob? One logical conclusion is that it wasn't Bella that loved Jacob, but it was Nessie who did (even as an egg), so once that part was out of Bella then her love for Jacob was gone as well.
um no its not true because part of nessie is inside edward! duh! ever think about what the man does!?!? NO! so all u ppl that think its really important even though its fiction A.K.A NOT REAL stop it.
i know right i agree with u even though i started the discussion i always knew he loved bella and not cuz nessie
teehee i totally agree :3


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