The Twilight Saga

Sorry but I can't love You



He imprinted on her but does he really love her the way she loves him?




Alexander and Dajana.

We will make the perfect couple, but not at the cost of losing my friends.

The fact that he imprinted on me changes everything.

He is always there, protecting me from every little thing.

He is going out of his way to be with me and I don’t know why.

But why do I feel that there is more to it?

Something is missing and no one is telling me.

The truth will be revealed sooner or later.

Or I am sorry to say- Imprint or not- I won’t stay in my first real relationship when it is based on
secrets and lies.

I know I love him and I can’t leave him, ever.

But this new life of mine, which I will share with him, is a broken life and I can’t take the pain that it
brings with it.


Alex has me wishing for things I never thought possible.

He is here with me, but for what?

If it is only because he imprinted on me then he should leave.

I will not give my heart to him because of the pack’s secret and the way it makes him feel.

I need to know what lies in my heart and his, without the wolf side of him.


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sound great Stefanie
It has a intriguing prologue can't wait to read more
I dedicate this story all to you Dajana. I hope you will like it
Thanks guys
Thanks Dajana I'll try to get a Banner Made for this Story and post it up
I lov it:D can't wait:)
I like it so far
looking forward to the story!!
a lot
sounds gooood :)
i like it!
dont leave me goin crazy!!!!!!!!


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