The Twilight Saga

                              What if . Bella decided to reach over and kiss Jacob in her truck? Would that change how she feels about Jacob over all ? Knowing the feelings he has for her,knowing he could give her more. Knowing,she wouldn't have to change for him...


[Disclaimer]; not everybody posts the disclaimers in their fanfiction,but i'm going to. ;) Idon't own Twilight,or any of the characters in it. All belong to Stephenie Meyer- All though I wish I did.(;


A/N; I hope you enjoy ... :) & I'm starting at chapter 1 :)






Chapter 1; One Last Look.


   My fingers were curled tightly around the steering wheel,as i stared out ahead of us. We were in front of Charlies-though his cruiser was missing. I bite the inside of my lip,my brows mashed together,listening to Jacob's breathing. He was staring out the window,as we sat in my old truck silently. Sometimes, I wish I knew what he was thinking,and then he let out a breath.

   "What are you thinking,Bells?" he asks,breaking the awkward silence.

   I loosen my grip on the steering wheel,and lean into the seat-sighing,"I,was ... Going to ask you the same thing." I tell him,glancing side-ways. He was still looking out the fogged window.

   " You really want to know what i'm thinking about?" he questions,now turning to look at me.


His stare sent shivers through-out my body,and his question made me think about how to answer. Do I want to know what he's thinking about? The way he said it,makes me wonder if it's a bad thing- something I actually don't want to know. But,maybe I'm just over-thinking. I do want to know what he's thinking about,but,maybe when I do know-I'll regret asking what he was thinking about.


I'm over-thinking... I think.


   I nod,"Tell me what you're thinking about Jake."

   He smirks,his eyes slightly lidded."You." he whispers."Always..."

   I sigh,and smile weakly."Jacob..."


   He shakes his head,and takes my hands off the wheel-and into his hands,mine so small compared to his. I look down,not wanting to stare into his eyes-knowing it would be for the best. I think. Because,if I fall in love with Jake ... I'm just going to end up hurting him,when Edward comes back. Eward will come back,I know it... Jacob is my best friend,and i can't stand,loosing him.


   "Bella,I love you. I've always loved you. And you know that,I know you know that." He sighs,"Bells,look at me. Please." I bit my lip,and shook my head.

   "I can't." I whisper.


    One hand disapeared from mine,and moved swiftly under my chin. Forcing me to look up at him,I tried to look away from his face,but mine landed on his. His gaze so intense,I couldn't look away. His hot breath was circulating around my face,the woodsy scent i always loved-intoxicating me. Wanting me to move closer to it. But I stayed where I was,our gazes interlocked.


   I was waiting for him to say something,but he just remained speechless;his lips parted-as in lost in thought. I bit down on my lip hard,as the silence intensified. Just when realization hit me. My fingers slowly,crawling up his arms-as his hands hooked onto my waist-pulling me into his lap.


   Jacob can never be just a friend to me. I've always seen noticed him,always known he was attractive to me in some way.But,Edward...


   "I can't hurt you." I mumble,my lips brushing across his in the process. I never noticed how close we were until now.

   "Do you love me?" he asks,his eyes closed-waiting for my answer.

   I press my lips tightly together,curling my hands into fists-agaist his covered chest. "I..." i press my lips back together,taking a stead breath.



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New reader -looks good so far!  Love Jacob & Bella together!   Write more!!

I'm home! And on a computer!

So,I'm updating now!

Sorry for the long wait! I've just been completely busy the past few days with hangouts,&suchh ... But,I'm free tonight! And the rest of this week for sure!

i can only add half a chapter tonight,cause it's really late...

or i might do a whole one,depends...

And seriously? 1:00 IN THE MORNING! You need to get some sleep.

Chapter24 ; Just You and Me.

                 Bella's POint Of View.

   "Jacob,as much as I enjoy making out with you,like this... I have homework." I tell him,running my hands through his cropped black hair,staring into his charcoal eyes.

   His mouth turned up at the corner slightly,"Homework is more important than me?" he gasped,and pretended to look offended. Though,he probably really was.

   I roll my eyes,"My father always used to say : School before boys. My mom says it too. I mean,of course you're different. You are Jacob,not just any other boy." I purse my lips,"But,I still have one more year of shcool,Jake... And, I'm planning on graduating,and not being a drop-out."

   He sighs,and nods,sitting up with me on his lap,on the edge of his bed."Okay,I'll take you home."He grumbles, picking me up-and carrying me out of his room.


   I lock my arms around his neck,and my legs around his waist-as he carried me out into the living room.


   "You can stay over though?" I suggested.

   He shrugs,"If you want."

   I roll my eyes,"I always want you. And I always will." I say simply,with a smile.

   He chuckles,"That's good to know. But,what about College? You are going to College right?"


   He sits down on the couch,tucking a lock of hair behind my ear,to look at me. I almost forgot about College,or University. I haven't decided. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do. All I've been thinking about is , staying with Jacob,getting a job... And,haivng , kids...


   I sigh,and shrug,"I don't know,Jake..."

   "I thought you wanted to be a photographer?" He asks,raising a brow.

   I shrug again,"I don't need to go to College..."

   "What're you gonna do? I thought you wanted to pursue your dreams! Like,every other teenage girl with a dream?"

   I roll my eyes,"I'm not like every other teenage girl,am I?" I raise my brow.

   He leans in slightly,his lips brushing over mine,"Definately not." he whispers,his voice low,and husky-it sent a shiver down my spine,and an electric current through-out my whole body.


   The things Jacob can do to me,without even trying. Usually he does try,but sometimes he doens't even have to try,sometimes he's just him-and he does things,that make me just , want him,more... It could be the oddest moment when he's in the garage,bent over the motorcycles... Or one of his projects. Or maybe he is trying when he's working. I mean,just even the way he looks,when his shirt is off... And full of grease from building,even that makes me melt.


   I kiss his lips,once,before pulling back-and running a hanf through my hair,"I have... Other plans in mind." I mumble. Am I really going to tell him? Maybe I should though.

   His eyes widen slightly,"And those plans are?"

   I start to twirl around his short hair between my fingers,"Uhmm... Well," I bite my lip,"After Highschool... I was thinking,of ..." I gulp,and look down-away from his eyes."Getting a different job,somewhere closer to ... Here,and to you... Possibly,buy house,for me... And you..." I bite down harder on my lip this time,"And somewhere down the line... Startafamily." I mumbled the last part all together.

   He slips his finger under my chin,and forced me to look into his eyes.Dammit."You'd do that,for me? You'd give up your dream of being a photographer-something you've wanted to do all your life,just for me."

   "And myself of course. You,and me. It'd be just the two of us..." I whisper.

   He quirks a brow,"I think I caught something at the end about a family though... Would you really want to... Start a family... With me?" I could hear his heart beat racing slightly faster than usual,I placed my hnad over top of his chest- calming him.

   I couldn't look away from his eyes as I said this,"Yes."

   His eyes glossed over slightly,and he smiles,then it slowly turns into a smirk,"You know how that happens... Right?"

   Heat instantly rised to my cheeks,and I tried to look away-but he still grasped my chin between his fingers."Yeah,yeah." I mutter.

   He chuckles,"Because they don't just pop out of thin air..."

   I groan,"I know,Jacob!"

   He laughs,"It's nothing to be embarrassed about!"

   I roll my eyes,"Says you..."




I'll add more tomorrow!(:

write more i love it r they going to have kids i hope soo and do they get married??? and u r a good write i mean it is awsome... one more thing well they live toegther??


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That was so good! I. Can. Not. Believe. This. I think that they should go off to college together, and when Edward finds out, he "mysteriously" got accepted into the same college at the "last minute" and uses more fruitless attempts to get Bella to love him again. Ooh! It would be so cute if they  started a family! Jacob Junior would be so cute.....  what could the name be if it was a girl...... Isabella, Elizabeth....... Oh, I don't know. Just keep writing!
Haha!!! Love it!!! Hopefully something cute and good will happen to them in the next chapter. Some fluff,hopes hopes!!!, and some adventures.
Ahahah,thaank you guys!
& nothing too big will happen when I contiue this chapter... But,in the next chapter... There'll definately be a little something,something(;
:$ <3



   He rolls his eyes,snorting,"Seriously,Bells.If you're embarrassed just talking about it,imagine when it comes right down to it?" He chuckles,letting go of my face.

   I huff,crossing my arms,"You don't have to come back home with me. That's fine with me."

   He sighs,"Don't be like that. I was just kidding around."

   I look away from him,"Yeah,yeah."

   He lets out a long breath,then pulls me closer to him,"I'm sorry,I didn't mean to offend you..."

   "I know." I mumble.


   His hands grip my waist,and my head whips back to look at him. His eye brows were raised,his lips pouted,but his eyes,were full of mischief. I glare at him,trying to think of what he might be planning,but at the same time- I didn't want to know. Who knows what he's thinking!? Him and his animalistic mind...


   "How can I make it up to you?" He whispers,huskily- his head dipping down to my neck,his lips travelling along my collar bone.

   I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips,"You...D-Don't..." I didn't know what he wanted me to say? Or what I even wanted to say.

    He pauses,to look at me."You want me to stop?" he wonders,though his eyes were knowing. He knew I didn't want him to stop,he was just,teasing me.

   I huff in frustration,my hands running up his tanned arms,and up into his hair."No,I don't want you to stop." I mumble.

   "Really? It sounds like you want me to..." He bites his lip,trying to fight back the smirk.

   I pull myself closer to him,looking him in the eye- two can definately play at this game. I gyrated my hips on his laps,pressing my forehead to his,closing my eyes slightly,"Well ..." I fake a bored sigh,grinding my hips against his again,receiving a moan,"Maybe ,I don't." I shrug,and and stand up,sitting down on the coffee table,smiling softly at him.


   His eyes were closed,and then his brows knitted together,his hands on his thighs."Well,damn." he murmers,then chuckles,"You're good..."  He reaches over,his hands sliding up my thighs,and slowly pushing my legs open. I just watch him,my eyes on his hands,as they ran up and down my legs,curving in slightly-then up my stomach."I thought you had homework?" he asks,standing up-his arms dropping to his sides.

   I roll my eyes. He's still playing. I stand up too,pushing him back down onto the couch,my lips ghosting his ear."You're my homework,right now."

   He groans in response.


   I smile,kissing his down his face,my fingers knotting in his hair,as I pressed myself closer to him. The feeling of his body against mine,made me feel so weak. Leaving me aching with need. I pressed my lips to his,his automatically opening,his tongue darting into my mouth,running along my tongue. He kissed me back greedily,and I all but gave it back willingly. His hand tugged roughly at the shirt,tearing it off. His hands roaming my stomach,caressing almost every part of my body.


   "Just you and me..." I moan into his hair,my chest heaving from all the excitement. This was all new to me. I've never experieced these feelings...

   I felt him smile against my chest,"I like the sound of that." he murmers.


   I run my hand through my hair,and sit flat on his lap,so we were face to face. I close my eyes,wanting to let my insticts to take over,but, I'm not ready for things to go to far. And,I'm afraid things will,if I let myself,and if I let him. But,I don't want to give myself up just yet.

   I press my lips to his neck,moving my hips-his hand gripped my waist,rotating my hips. I moaned out his name,and he stopped me. He picked me up,setting me down beside him,letting out a deep breath-standing up.


   I raise my eye brow,"Did I do something?"

   He looks down,and nods,"Yeah,you did... I nee to,uh... Change... Then,I'll take you home,so you can get your homework done." He mutters quickly,then walks out of the living room,leaving me on his couch-shirtless,and confused.


   I frown,feeling ssuddenly un-comfortable,and corss my arms over my chest,waiting for Jacob to come back. What did I do? Was I really that bad? I thought that I was pretty good for a first time deal. I mean,I couldn't've been that bad! At least not enough to make him stop me,and run away. My brows pull together,and I huff.


   He walks back into the room,with a pair of his cut-offs on,and no shirt-still, and hands me a shirt. I take it from him,and slip it on over my head. I stand up,letting it adjust,it fell to my knees. I smile,it's like a dress on me.


   He chuckles,"You look good."

   I frown,and walk into his room-picking up my stuff,then walk into the kitchen getting a plastic bag to put my clothes in. I purse my lips,as I turn around to see him watching me,with his eye brows raised.

   I quirk a brow,"What?"

   "What's wrong?" He asked.

   "I don't know... But,appearently I did something wrong..." I tell him,crossing my arms,shaking my head.

   He rolls his eyes,"Yeah,you did Bells. I had to change my pants,because ... I ..." he left the sentence hanging.

   I knew immediately what he meant,then. My cheeks burned intensly,"Oh." was all I could say.




   He dropped me off at home,then went back to drop off the rabit,so he could sneak into my room. The day had decided to move along pretty fast,too fast. Before I knew it, I had spent five hours in my room,doing my homework,with Jacob,of course. Charlie and Billy were in the kitchen,and as far as Billy knows- Jake is on patrol. He's going to take the night shift,at eleven tonight. Even though I insisted for him to stay the night.


   "You know,you really should go back to school..." I tell him.

   He rolls his eyes,"I'm too cool for school."

   I snort,"I could home school you,you kow. Get you to graduate early?"

   He plops down onto my bed,"No,no,it's okay."

   "But,you could graduate the same time as me! I could home school you,Jake!" I get up onto my knees,fliging my books off the bed,looking him the eyes,"Please?"

   He shakes his head,"No,I don't want to put you through this trouble."

   "It wouldn't be trouble at all! I'm suggesting it,so obviously it wouldn't be trouble! If you went back to school with my knowledge,they'd scoot you up a grade... Into my grade..."

   He purses his lips,"You'd really do that?"


   I nod,"Yes!"

   He smiles,"It'll be fun to be smart."



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this chapter was complete awesomeness.


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