The Twilight Saga

                              What if . Bella decided to reach over and kiss Jacob in her truck? Would that change how she feels about Jacob over all ? Knowing the feelings he has for her,knowing he could give her more. Knowing,she wouldn't have to change for him...


[Disclaimer]; not everybody posts the disclaimers in their fanfiction,but i'm going to. ;) Idon't own Twilight,or any of the characters in it. All belong to Stephenie Meyer- All though I wish I did.(;


A/N; I hope you enjoy ... :) & I'm starting at chapter 1 :)






Chapter 1; One Last Look.


   My fingers were curled tightly around the steering wheel,as i stared out ahead of us. We were in front of Charlies-though his cruiser was missing. I bite the inside of my lip,my brows mashed together,listening to Jacob's breathing. He was staring out the window,as we sat in my old truck silently. Sometimes, I wish I knew what he was thinking,and then he let out a breath.

   "What are you thinking,Bells?" he asks,breaking the awkward silence.

   I loosen my grip on the steering wheel,and lean into the seat-sighing,"I,was ... Going to ask you the same thing." I tell him,glancing side-ways. He was still looking out the fogged window.

   " You really want to know what i'm thinking about?" he questions,now turning to look at me.


His stare sent shivers through-out my body,and his question made me think about how to answer. Do I want to know what he's thinking about? The way he said it,makes me wonder if it's a bad thing- something I actually don't want to know. But,maybe I'm just over-thinking. I do want to know what he's thinking about,but,maybe when I do know-I'll regret asking what he was thinking about.


I'm over-thinking... I think.


   I nod,"Tell me what you're thinking about Jake."

   He smirks,his eyes slightly lidded."You." he whispers."Always..."

   I sigh,and smile weakly."Jacob..."


   He shakes his head,and takes my hands off the wheel-and into his hands,mine so small compared to his. I look down,not wanting to stare into his eyes-knowing it would be for the best. I think. Because,if I fall in love with Jake ... I'm just going to end up hurting him,when Edward comes back. Eward will come back,I know it... Jacob is my best friend,and i can't stand,loosing him.


   "Bella,I love you. I've always loved you. And you know that,I know you know that." He sighs,"Bells,look at me. Please." I bit my lip,and shook my head.

   "I can't." I whisper.


    One hand disapeared from mine,and moved swiftly under my chin. Forcing me to look up at him,I tried to look away from his face,but mine landed on his. His gaze so intense,I couldn't look away. His hot breath was circulating around my face,the woodsy scent i always loved-intoxicating me. Wanting me to move closer to it. But I stayed where I was,our gazes interlocked.


   I was waiting for him to say something,but he just remained speechless;his lips parted-as in lost in thought. I bit down on my lip hard,as the silence intensified. Just when realization hit me. My fingers slowly,crawling up his arms-as his hands hooked onto my waist-pulling me into his lap.


   Jacob can never be just a friend to me. I've always seen noticed him,always known he was attractive to me in some way.But,Edward...


   "I can't hurt you." I mumble,my lips brushing across his in the process. I never noticed how close we were until now.

   "Do you love me?" he asks,his eyes closed-waiting for my answer.

   I press my lips tightly together,curling my hands into fists-agaist his covered chest. "I..." i press my lips back together,taking a stead breath.



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Loved it!!!
thanks guys (:

post more


Chapter 25 ; Ashes,Ashes,We All. Fall. Down.


   It felt as if the weekend was forever,and going back to school made me want to bash my head into the nearest wall I could see. That being the one beside my desk. Jessica hasn't come to class yet,though I was five minutes early-to finish what I didn't finish yesterday. I got all my homework done yesterday for every class,except for trig , but it was mainly just translating stuff- so it was pretty easy. After I finished I tapped at my book mindlessly,and watched as my teacher rushed into the class,dropping her things on her desk,and spilling some of her coffee on her white blouse.


   She groans,and curses under her breath. Well.

   I stand up and head over to her,"Need an extra shirt?" I ask,raising my eye brows. I always kept extra clothing,with my clumsy situation.

   She shakes her head,"No,no. It's okay."

   "Are you a sub?" I ask her,because she definately wasn't our teacher.

   She nods,"Yeah,for the week. Your teacher is currently ill,you must be ... Bella?" She asks,her voice was soft,her eyes hazel,with long brown locks.

   I nod slowly,"How'd you...?"

   "She's my sister,she talks a lot about you. One of her best students." She smiles,"Would you be able to help me with todays lessons?" She wonders,smiling weakly.

   "Uhm,sure. Whenever you need me,just call my name... I'll help." I tell her,then look up at the clock,two more minutes."So,you want a shirt?" I ask her again.

   She smiles and nods,"Thank you so much Bella."

   I nod,and grab my bag,taking out my purple blouse,that Edward always liked to see me in."You can keep it. It doesn't really fit me properly." I tell her. I needed to get rid of it anyways.

   She smiles,"You're a life saver my dear." She walks over to the closet at the back of the room,quickly changing.


   I walk back over to my seat,and plop down,waiting for the bell to ring. I haven't seen Jess in a couple days,we have some serious talking to do. I've been so caught up with Jacob,that I'm starting to forget about everything around me. I'm still not free from anybody,I'm going to have to live my life running. And,I can't do that,I just can't. My life went down into a black hole as soon as I layed eyes on Edward. Why did I leave Jacob for him? Why didn't I just stay!?


   "You okay dear?" I hear a bell-like voice ask,and a hand on my shoulder. I jumped,the touch was slightly icy. I look up to see the teacher.

   My brows knit together,and I nod,"Uhm,yeah. I'm fine. Just thinking." I tell her,looking into her eyes. Still hazel.

   She bites her lip,"Sorry for scaring you." She whispers delicately,"And, call me Maria,but in class,it's Mrs.Lotis." She smiles.

   "Uhm,sure,okay." She seems like a sudden friend. A friend,with a teacher? I mean,I like to make peace with the teachers,but befriending them is a whole different story.

   She smiles,and the bell rings- people immediately filing into the room.


   Her teeth were pure white,and shined slick in the light. She wore a large pendant around her neck,that held a dark emerald liquid,the pendant was wrapped with gold vines,small leaves attached. Her skin a caramel tone,that made her eyes stand out against her dark brown hair,the lights showing red highlights. She sported a black pencil skirt,with my blue/lavender blouse,and small black heels.

   She walks back to her desk,placing herself in the seat-looking at the door as everyone came in,waving at them,and giving a welcoming smile. I purse my lips,eyeing her. Something about her. But,maybe I'm just over-thinking again. I sigh,and shrug,shaking my head.

   I look over towards the door,just as Jessica walks in. Something about Jessica was brighter. She was smiling as she walked in the class,wearing a jean skirt,and a green tank top,with the shoes i gave her. She ran over to me effortlessly,and for a second I envied her for not being such a klutz. She plopped down beside me,and smiles wider.


   "Bella,I love you,forever." She tells me,tears collecting in her eyes,"I've never been so happy in my life. I love him,Bella. I really do love him." She says,with a small smile,then tries to blink back the tears."Oh gosh. I can't cry,i'm not wearing water-proof mascarra." She whines,"But really Bella. I've been trying to get a old of you,to tell you how much of a good friend you are."

   I smile back,almost a full stretched out one. Hearing these words from Jessica,was as if weight had been lifted off my shoulders,who would of thought we'd end up being such great friends?

   I shake my head,"I'm so happy for you." I take in a breath,"Love you too Jess,and I was just being a friend. It's what I do." My smile softens,as I try now to blink away the tears. I've never had such a girly moment like this before. All my friends have been boys,or I didn't have any friends at all. I wasn't the social type.

   She wraps her arms around me tightly,"You're my bestfriend." She whispers.

   I hug her back,and then we both sit back in our seats."You're my bestfriend too." I tell her,my voice was about to break,so I took steady breaths. This is probably why I wasn't friends with girls. It's really emotional. But,a good kind of emotion.



   Class went by the same as usual,sub or not. I finished all my work early,so I wouldn't have any to do tonight,which meant more time for Jacob and I. He said there was going to be a very important meeting tonight,and I had to come,and he made me promise I wouldn't ditch with Leah again. We hadn't planned on doing it,so it's all good. Mrs.Lotis' voice reminded me of Alice's,or Rosalie's . Bell like,but with an edge,but that flowed evenly.

   She walked over to Jess and I,collecting our papers,giving us both a smile-then carried onto the other tables,collecting the work that was done,and ignoring the people that weren't. Jess turns over to me,and eyes me intensly,then points to my pocket,where I kept my cell phone. I nod,and slip it out carefully from my pocket,to read the text she sent me.


   This may sound rude. But,I don't like this teacher.

   Not one bit,she's too ... Perfect. -.-

   ~ Jess.


   I purse my lips. She does kind of have a point,I mean she is gorgeous,especially for her age. I mean,she could be a model and she decides to be a teacher? I bet she's had agents come up to her,but why deny them? You make way more being a model than being a teacher. Although,that doesn't matter,besides the point,Jess just might be jealous. She is the jealous type.


   I don't know. I think you just might be over-thinking

   things. I was talking to her before class,and nothing

   was really weird about her. I mean,she's nice, pretty,

   entertaining... Why complain?



   I send the text,then shove my phone into my pencil case,but kept the pencil case open-so I could read and reply un-noticed. But what I said is true,she is nice,she is pretty,and she is entertaining. Way better than Ms.Fletcher. I mean they are both fun,but sometimes Ms.Fletcher wasn't so nice. Both look latina though,but there was something else,that I could never figure out.

   My phone lit up.


   I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. I mean,look at her hair.

   My hair can never get such perfect curls,and still maintain

   a natural look. And her eyes,they look like contacts. Like,

   Green over brown,or something. I know what hazel eyes

    look like. But,I'm just saying.



   I roll my eyes,she is over-thinking completely. But,then again,she could be right about the hair. I mean,who can have such nice hair? There are no split ends,she smells like cinnamon and honey due, she looks like a Goddess, her eyes are very exotic. But,who knows? Maybe she's from like,egypt or something.


   Jess,stop worrying. Why are you worrying anyways?

   She's just a teacher.



   She didn't reply after that,and the bell rang for the end of class. I get up,shoving my books into my bag,and get up with Jessica. Once we got to the door,a cold hand was on my shoulder,I spin around to see Mrs.Lotis.


   "Bella,may I speak with you? It's about your work." She says.

   I look over at Jess and tell her to meet me at English. It was our last class,and I can explain to Mr.Greene once I get there. She nods and leaves. I walk over to Mrs.Lotis' desk,where she leaned against.

   "Did I get something wrong?" I ask her.

   "No,not at all. It's all correct. But,I have a question. A little more... Personal,you could say." she says,her voice getting a little edgier as she spoke.

   My brows pull together,"Uhm,yes?"

   "Edward,Alice,and Jasper Cullen. Do you know them?" she asks,her voice flat.

   I nod slowly,"The Cullens? Everybody knows the Cullen's." I tell her,rolling my eyes,and snorting.

   "But,you know them better than anyone else. My sister told me you are the one who dated Edward,and got very,very close to his family." she explains.

   I look at her incredulously,"Yeah,I got to know the Cullens. They're like any other family?" I lied.

   She nods slowly,"Really? Like every other family?" she asks,turning around to bend down,then she turns back around. Her eyes gold,she was wearing contacts.


   I gasp,and gulp."Yeah,they're normal. Well,to me they are."

   She snickers,shaking her head,and cocks her head to the side."I prefer animals too. But,see..." She walks up to me,and I stutter back."I'm just as dangerous as drinking human blood." she almost snarled.

   I bite down on my lip,hard,"What do you want?"

   "Tell me where the Cullens live." She says,her pupils growing slightly larger.

   I shake my head,"I- I don't know... Aren't they here? They moved... I haven't seen them for awhile..." I murmer,lieing again.

   "I don't buy it Bella." She says through her teeth,her pupils grew another size."If you want to live,you'll tell me where they live."

   "Why?" I ask,my teeth clenched together."Why do you want to know? Because,to be honest,I don't even know!"

   She pushes me back,making me stumble back into a shelf full of books."I'm asking the questions here,not you." her eyes turned black,then glossed over red,she hung her head back and snarls,"Great. Just great." She sighs in frustration,"Go to class. But,don't think you're safe."

   I didn't kow what was the change,first she's all 'i'm gonna kill you' then she's all 'go to clas',but her eyes. Shouldn't she be clawing at my neck right now? I shiver,and clutch the strap on my bag,walking past her to the door.

   "It was nice talking to you Mrs.Lotis,thanks for the tips." I yell as I exit the door. I couldn't stop the chills that repeatedly ran down my spine now,and all through-out my body.



    After the second bell,I told Jessica that I needed to head down to La Push right away,and for her to meet me there later tonight. As soon as I walked out of the school doors,I spotted Jacob standing by his motorcycle,his arms crossed-and as soon as his eyes met mine,he smiled. I ran down the concrete stairs,and into his waiting arms.


   "Jake,we need to get out of here." I tell him,my voice strained.

   He hands me a helmet,getting onto the bike."What's wrong?" He asks.

   I get on behind him,"Just go. I'll tell you when we get out of here."

   He looks back at me questioningly,and I pleaded with my eyes. He then took off immediately,speeding out of the school parking lot,and onto the road towards La Push.



   Once we pulled up in front of his house,he stopped,kicking the kick stand down,and jumping off,dropping the helmet to the ground,and taking mine off,and lifting me off the bike. He held my shoulders,looking down at me.

   "What is it?" He asks through his teeth,he was worried.

   I bit my lip,my heart beating rapidly,he looked down-placing his hand on my chest. I breathed in more slowly,"There's a vampire. At my school." I almost burst into tears,"I can't go back there." I shook my head,"Jessica can't either. I can't afford to loose her,or Charlie. I can't."

   His jaw tightened,"There's a vampire in your school!?"

   I nod,"My teacher. She wants the Cullens. And if I don't tell her where they are,she's going to kill me."

   He shakes his head,backing away from me,walking up to a tree-and punching his fist into it,making it snap."NO!"

   I run up to him,pressing my hand to his back,"We need to tell everyone else."

   "That's the one Seth was probably talking about. Describe her." he says,spinning around.

   I bite my lip,"Dark hair,she had hazel contacts in,but then she took them out-and it was as if she created an illusion to make me think she fed off of animals,but then her eyes turned black,and then red. She's coloured... And wears a pendant..."

   "That's the one." he growels.

    "Then,we need to go tell everyone!" I tell him.

   He shakes his head,"Tonight. For now..." He sighs,"I'm alone for awhile... Let's just,think of something else for now? Please?" he asks, his whole frame had been shaking murderously.

   I take his hand,"Where do you want to go?"

   "My garage?" He questions.

   I smile softly,"Sure,sure."


   As we walked down to his garage,the thoughts of this new vampire never left my mind. Maria Lotis. A dark haired beauty,a woman I thought was a teacher. The signs were all there! Beauty,her voice,and her temperature! How could I be so stupid?! I'm not going to school tomorrow. Neither is Jess. And I will force Charlie to stay down at Billy's until she's gone. I'll warn the Cullen's too. Nobody is going to be hurt. And for whatever reason this girl is here for,she'll regret ever stepping foot into this town.

   Maybe the Cullens and the wolves will come together to bring her down. Then,would it be appropriate to sing : Ashes,ashes we all fall... Dead?

   No,Maria falls ,dead.

OMG!!! Can't wait to read more!!! Maria is brilliantly introduced. I think that there'll be a big part in the story for her. Maybe Edward begins dating her or something. Or she could be a helping hand in finding vampires around the area... So many questions, so curious for your next chapter!!!!




*********************SECOND COMMENT***********************

curse you guywhojustlovesinging, I wanted to be first.


Anyway, amazing story x Catherine x Edward! Maria is brilliantly introduced, just like guywhojustlovessinging said before me. I wonder if Edward knows this Maria. Quick Q&A: Is this Maria, the same Maria that created Jasper, and now she's come back for him? *swallows nervously* You have to keep writing, this was amazing.

I didn't even think about that. :D Maria who has come back!!!! That would be "wow".


Sorry that I was first... :(

It's ok. :) But i"m gonna beat'cha next time. But the Edward & Maria dating thing is good too.

Ahahah! Thanks guys ;D

& i think i might only be able to update every other day {maybe}

& next week,I'm going away {before school starts again -,-} So,there won't be a chapter up for another week,after Wednsday maybe...

But,I'm doin one now,and I might try to do two tomorrow(: depends on time ;D

sorry,i'm editing the next chapter now,so it'll be up later :3
Is it later yet.............? *whines like a little kid* jk. take your time. i already know that itz gonna b awesome.


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