The Twilight Saga

This discussion is for anyone who will like to discuss the updates and news about their stories.


For upcoming updates and previous chapters that anyone wants to understand better in any story on this group.



The main writers are



Stefanie Rose Black

Andromeda Tonks Cullen

Edith Angel Black

Tamika Lautner

Helen Foster


Becka and the Pack



and any other writer that wants to be mentioned.




Stories like



The Secret Within

Lose Control

Full Moon

Love or Lies

Love or Nothing

A Decision Not Made Easily

Afraid of Love

No Apologies

Midnight Shadows- A Jacob and Renesmee Story

First Quarter

and many more




Writers that want to be mentioned and there stories just make a comment and I'll add them

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News update about Love or Lies

Tammy is definitely NOT a Vampire but she is something else.
Stay tune for the next chapter to find out what she is.
Becka my computer has been like that often these days

Update about Stefanie's Love or Nothing

Stefanie asked me to tell you guys that she is changing the name of her story to go with her new story plot
she will change the name to " Sorry But I Can't Love You " when she comes back on because she has exams and her mom is agruing ok
If available I would love to have my story added.

There will hopefully be another chapter added later today.
I not really finding your story and when i click your link it telling me page not found
YES it is true I did change the prologue to change the story name. Full Moon as well has been updated.

Love or Nothing title change is going to happen today, I am sorry for all those who liked the previous title but it doesn't match my story plan. So it is now and forever more "Sorry but I can't Love you"


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