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                     Sunset Diamond







   I didn't want to die. But I knew I will be in a few seconds. Oxygen was escaping me and the fact that no one else was in the beach when I fell off the cliff wasn't comforting,I was losing hope. I kept on kicking with my legs to try and resurface from the dark waters but the only thing I did was splash water in the surface. The more I kicked,the more I sunk deeper. I was already losing energy and breath in doing this. I fought with my last hope even though I was just inches from death. With one last push,I surfaced from the water letting out a gurgled "help",in between. I just hope that it was heard.
   Underwater,I thought about what could've happened if I didn't jump into the cliffs. Death wasn't the worst thing that could happen right?  If I didn't jump who knew?  I imaginarily shuddered. Yeah. Death right now is the best thing that has happened.......I closed my eyes and let the dark shadows engulf me.


                             1.  Unexpected

   I ran as fast as I could go around the beach trying to forge in my head bella's last words.  ' You'll always be my friend ' and ' I don't deserve you jacob',I scoffed especially at the last part. Of course she didn't deserve me,I wasn't the kind to be deserved anyway,I thought cruely to myself. I wanted to hate bella for saying it to my face,she should've lied if she wanted. But would you have wanted to be lied to? Said the small voice in my head.
   My thoughts swirled down to one thing though. I  lost,they we're getting married for pete's sake! And according to that leech - loving Seth,bella even tried to invite me. I spat. I couldn't help the anger that was over-coming me. For all those times that bella was broken,I was there! I was the one who held her up but in just a moment Edward came,she came running back to him. I couldn't believe how pathetic I was,I had no chance from the beginning. It was just me thinking something what couldn't be. I felt the hate for myself.
   I lay on the sand  watching the impending sunset. The sand was cold under my fur but I ignored it trying to focus on the sunset. I threw away all my thoughts trying to settle the emotions I had one at a time. I remembered the way the sun sets at La Push,how the last rays of the sun touch my skin. I remembered my family there,my brother's who might be worried sick  about me,and my father who's waiting for me at home in his wheelchair,helpless. I felt guilty about putting my brother's and my father in misery. Well,mostly I'm much more guilty for my dad but still.....I sighed. I'm being so selfish. I don't even know where I am much to my concern I don't even have my phone to tell them where I am.
   I looked up at the sky sighing heavily. I'll figure myself out eventually,I thought. By now,I'll just enjoy this sunset. The sky was painting a beautiful color of orange. And the sun shone down on the sea like a king looking beyond. It felt great seeing the sunset again,it made me remember how I've been missing out on La Push. I smiled for the first time in weeks. It hurt slightly as it got wider,being a wolf and all,but I didn't care. At least I deserved a slight bit  of happiness,for a while. I closed my eyes inhaling the gentle seebreeze.
   " Heeellpp- ",screamed a distant voice. My eyes popped open. I listened closer for another scream but nothing happened. I quickly stood up and sniffed for a scent -human or not,otherwise. I paced back and forth for a minute,thinking. Maybe it was just those kids playing  in a distance or some teenagers pranking someone or.......I held myself for a minute then bolted into the waters.
    I didn't know what I was looking for. I kept on sniffing in the humid air. I was already in the rocks by the cliffs but I continued searching - my wolf form hardly breathing in the deep waters. I kept on paddling my paws through the water. I sniffed at had sight of a certain smell. A perfume! Maybe I wasn't overreacting after all. Wow,my senses are impressive.
    I focused once again in the waters. I took a deep breath and went down under.
    Then I saw her. It was a girl floating down under,her eyes already closed. I panicked and without a second look I swam to her side and took her collar into my mouth. Please live. Please live. I paddled up as hard as I could letting all the energy that I had go berserk. In seconds we we're on the sands of the beach again near the cliffs. I can't believe I ran so fast from here. I glanced at the spot where I used to lie at. It was so far away I hardly see the mark on where I lied on.
     I paced back. Naked or not. I didn't want to waste time. I went over her and started doing the mechanics of what I learned in health class. It didn't work out much than I thought. I checked her pulse for anything. Nothing. I panicked. Please live,come on. I restarted, pumping on her stomach with my two hands.
     " Please,come on. I'm begging you, "I pleaded even though I know I'm dead of hope. I looked at her with uneasing determination. I wanted to save her. There was something about her that brought out something in me. I didn't want to think anymore, I put my mouth over hers and breathed air into her. I promise,if you live I'll go back to my dad. I won't ever leave them again,i thought. Oh god,please live. I sat back up breathless. I looked at her and waited for a minute.
      Then there was a cough. I felt my lungs constrict. The joy of saving someone felt so good. Especially this girl. I watched her. Her breathing processing evenly now. She turned back into sleep. Which was a relief that saved me from explaining why I was naked. For a second I thought she she opened her eyes but it must be my imagination. I smiled as I saw the last rays of the sun strike on her face. She was beautiful,definitely.  The paleness of her skin striking in the sun like a diamond. Her breathing sounded like a lullaby and her face looked like a....priceless art,it took my breathe away. I knew right there that I couldn't leave her. I took her in my arms effortlessly and I started walking for home.  


* Did You Guys Like it? I'm still working on the sypnosis...don't worry part 2 is on the way...

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I love it, but why am I hoping that it was Bella in that water, but it have the feeling that it is someone else? I'm curious!
Great story. Write more please.


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