The Twilight Saga

What does every1 think of them? Do you think they will stick together for long?

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I Pray to God they Dont
Dont Get me Wrong i like taylor Swift
She Seems Sweet
But..........I want taylor haha (:
I don't think they will last that long.
they make a cute couple i like them both
as long as there happy it doesn't matter to me
they aren't going out.

but if they ever got married thier names would both b Taylor Lautner :) lol
they r young, friendship is more realistic than a long lasting love affair...
IDK if they r really dating tho
They look so cute together! But the problem is that they can't have a celebrity couple name!
But i dont think they will last that long. Taylor L will leave soon anyway for all the premiers and Breaking Dawn and interviews and such. Busy Busy Busy!
No comment apart from this i don't like Taylor Swift
i wonder if we are infatuated with the character or actor....BOTH i would say...but personally i think that they are going out but are keeping it in the DL...idk my randon guess...what say you...
it wud be funni if they got married they woulod both be called taylor lautner HAHA


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