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Erm...i was lookin' around and noticed that we have milion discussions
about jake/taylor but we havent got something like this.
If we have this kind of discussion im sorry ..i checked out and didnt find anything.
Moderators delete it if its duplicate.
In the meantime,i would like this topic to become something like HOT TOPIC (always to be on the top of the discussion forum) because galleries will atract more and more members.Believe me !
Everyone of you will check them out everyday ;) i know it bcuz if you're true Taylor fan. you want to have the latest news and pics.

Post and post and post pictures of Taylor/Jacob ;)
Lets exchange our "treasure" :) 

Emily Chanel.

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lol is rob pattz pinching taylors nipple?

love the pic tho.
Yes I think so, lol. It is nice seeing them all so playful together.
Lmbo I thought so.

omg wow hot awesome
love it
Let me see if I understand, you do not want people commenting on the pictures, but ONLY summiting pictures.

Is that right? - If that is right, why?
OMG, that is so entrancing.

wow!! big collection u have!!!!
Here I decided to fix mine so they were all together they way you want them.



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