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I really want to write a story, but i dont know what to write. Sooo,..... i decided that we can all put together little blurbs and stories related to the ones before and create an ah-mazing story! I am a HUGE  fan of Jacob so I will use him alot! You can use any charachter that you want :) Enjoy and hopefully we can write a good story. Oh and btw the rating---NONE! I am not a pervert or anything, but if the gross stuff is your thing, than go ahead ! =)


Jacob's Point Of View-


UGHH! I hate Edward Cullen, I have known Bella since we were little and he meets her and all of a sudden there going out! Whyyy? I love that crazy girl :)

Hold up the phone is ringing-------

"Hey Jake!" Bella said ever so beauifully!

"Whats upp Bells?"

"Nuthing muchh can I come over later?"

FINALLY! she want to come over and just hang out...I think! :/

"Shure" I rushed, anxious to get off the phone so that I could get a nice t-shirt on and some nice shorts.

"Thanks Jake"

"No problemo Bello :) "


"Yeah Bells?"

"You still love me right?"

UMMMM.... what should I say? I love her, but should I keep it on the down low??

"Like as a friend?"

"noo... more than that"

"Umm... yess Bella I still do and I always will"

"Okay thanks for telling me Jake"

"Yeah hurry upp loca becuase I wanna see you"

"Shure Jake" she chuckled :)


Hope you guys enjoyed it ! =) Please add on ! I am not a very skilled writer, so it might be a little crappy lol ! :P


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A.N:i know!!! they r cute arent they? but i neeed everyones vote in order to finalize it! keep on voting people!
I like Valerie and Mitchell
valerie and zander
A.N: OKAY!!! Sooooo the names of the babies are Valerie and Zander!! so whoever wants to write next can consider that tooo!! oooh! do any of you have middle name suggestionsfor the little darlings??
How about Isabella for Valerie's middle name?
A.N: hey guys! i thought this story was sooo amzing i decided to share it on for more people to read cause some may not be o the twilight saga!! So far i only have 6 chapters up but im slowly posting!!

soooo hears the link if you want to reread this stroy again ..LOL i di edit it tooo ..there was some spelling mistakes that i fixed up!!

hope you dont mind!
A.N: what do you mean?? like the upcoming chapters that im hoping will come soon??
ahha sorry you just confused me
A.N:yeah i am ..hopefully soon just takes time for me to edit all of it and rewrite some things or add things to the chapter sometimes it takes me about over an hour to just edit one chapter

,,oh and if any of you wrote a piece on here you will probably see it in some chapters with some things added to it to make that chapter a bit longer!!

A/N: okiiie ..soooo ...i know no one has posted in months so i decied to step in and post a chapter ...




    I woke up this mornin to jakes warm body sleeping soundly next to mine. I stayed there just obsorbing the warmth for a couple of minuts before ....i had the urge to barf. i ran to the toilet and violently threw up last nights dinner.

    just as i was finishing my lovely morning routine(heavy sarcasm) i felt big hands moving strands of hair away from my face  and gently lifting my head to wipe my mouth.(gross i know) How sweet is my husband?

   After Jake got me all cleaned up he picked me up bridle style. i closed my eyes and leaned my head against his chest just enjoying being in his arms ..i fell asleep again as soon as my head hit the pillow.




   i woke up again but this time without having the urge to run to the bathroom.i sat up slowly and turned to see what time it was ...HOLY CROW! it was 2 in the afternoon!

    i grabbed the tall glass of water that was conviently sitting on the bed side table and downed it in 3 big gulps. i got out of be and grabbed my house coat on the way to the door. when i got down to the kitchen i saw Jake scrmbling arround, trying to make him self a snack that just so happened to be nachos.

"Need some help babe?" i asked him with an eyebrow raised.

"Umm...i ...yess ...idunno?" was all he mumbled out.

i just laughed at him. "Move out of the way and ill make you your nachos" i said and booted him out of the kitchen.

i shook my head as i made him his snack. seriously, who couldnt make nachos? all you do is pile a bunch of chips on a pan, lob on the cheese, dribble some jalepinos on it and whatever else you desire then throw it in the oven. its so simple i think my unborn child could make it if i allowed him to go anywhere near a stove.

"Jake, babe, your nachos are ready!" i called as i was pulling them out of the oven and piling them onto a plate with a bowl of salsa.

he ran in and snatched it from me, giving me a quick thank you kiss on the lips and running back into the T.V room to watch whatever he was watching.

while i was cleaning up the kitchen i remembered something that Jake mentioned last night while we were joking about baby cloths competition with Emily.

"Baby, im gonna run over to Em and Sam's real quick. ill be back in and hour. Now, dont attempt to cook, if your hungry stick to sandwiches, anything in the fridge and anything in the cubboard that doesnt need to be heated. Call me if you need anything. Bye" i streamed out as i grabbed my keys coat and headed out the door to the car.




"EMILY!" i squealed as i slammed open her front door and ran into the kitchen. "I thought of something amazing we could do, well i didnt think of it, Jake kinda did, but anyways!!"

"What is it now bells??" Emily laughed out as she watched me bounce all over her small kitchen.

"Wellllll.... i was thinking we could have a joint babyshower party! It'll be amazing! we could either have it here or at mine and jakes. wecould invite the pack and my family and yours and almost make it like a big family BBQ!! Just think of it now ...bosing arund the boys and getting them to do all the set up and cooking ..well BBQ-ing and then we can make them clean it all up!" i exclaimed. wow talk about word vomit. ive never said that much as fast as i just did in my whole life.

AHAH! you should see emily's face , think i amazed her too!

"I think thats an awesome idea!" Emily suddenly squealed.

"well then lets get planning and i guess we'll have to brake it down to the boys that that they are being put up for slave survice for a whole day" i said calmly as Em and i shared an evil look.


A/N: i know its been a long time so i hope people are still reading this ...anyways ..hpe you liked it! XD



people i know you havent read in like over 5 months but i acually didpost a chapter some ppl might just think this isanother one of thse "im new reader and i love this story" comments but its not ....i acuallly did write ppl


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