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I really want to write a story, but i dont know what to write. Sooo,..... i decided that we can all put together little blurbs and stories related to the ones before and create an ah-mazing story! I am a HUGE  fan of Jacob so I will use him alot! You can use any charachter that you want :) Enjoy and hopefully we can write a good story. Oh and btw the rating---NONE! I am not a pervert or anything, but if the gross stuff is your thing, than go ahead ! =)


Jacob's Point Of View-


UGHH! I hate Edward Cullen, I have known Bella since we were little and he meets her and all of a sudden there going out! Whyyy? I love that crazy girl :)

Hold up the phone is ringing-------

"Hey Jake!" Bella said ever so beauifully!

"Whats upp Bells?"

"Nuthing muchh can I come over later?"

FINALLY! she want to come over and just hang out...I think! :/

"Shure" I rushed, anxious to get off the phone so that I could get a nice t-shirt on and some nice shorts.

"Thanks Jake"

"No problemo Bello :) "


"Yeah Bells?"

"You still love me right?"

UMMMM.... what should I say? I love her, but should I keep it on the down low??

"Like as a friend?"

"noo... more than that"

"Umm... yess Bella I still do and I always will"

"Okay thanks for telling me Jake"

"Yeah hurry upp loca becuase I wanna see you"

"Shure Jake" she chuckled :)


Hope you guys enjoyed it ! =) Please add on ! I am not a very skilled writer, so it might be a little crappy lol ! :P


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what book is this coming from?? or are you like starting your own little mini book ??
oooooooo... she wants to know if jake loves her more than friends and she is going out with edward?? what a little player!!
I am just starting my own mini-book, but i kinda wanna mix all of the a way :) lol

Edward and his family were gone on a hunting trip. so i was bored to death, so to speak. it has been only 2 weeks that i have learned about his secret and his feelings for me ..i loved him dearly but there is one other person i love equally as much ..maybe more.
HA!! Now there's an idea! Where's that damn phone when you need it?! I was suddenly excited about this i couldnt wait to see if he was free!
Aha ! i found it. now what was the number again? ..555-6996

Ring, Ring, Ring!

"Hey Jake!" i said when he picked up the phone.

"Whats upp Bells?"

"Nuthing much can I come over later?" i said, hoping he was free.

"Sure" Jake said, sounding happy that i asked.

"Thanks Jake" wait!? what did he say? Sure? I suddenly had i overwhelming flood of hapiness come over me

"No problemo Bello :) "

"Jake?" i sad all of a sudde.

"Yeah Bells?"

"You still love me right?" i asked, then realized what i said and blushed, glad he couldn't see it.

"Like as a friend?"i frowned at the phone, i thought he would understand what i meant, i guess i would have to give him a hint.

"noo... more than that" i said hoping that was hint enough

"Umm... yess Bella I still do and I always will"

"Okay thanks for telling me Jake" i said with relief and happiness

"Yeah hurry upp loca becuase I wanna see you" i smiled when he called me that 'loca'. it made me feel special.

"Sure Jake" i said and giggled.

After i hung up the phone i leaned against the counter and just stared at the phone....
I can't believe it!! he said he still loves me!! i suddenly had the urge to go change my clothes and do my hair and make up...

3 minutes later
i finally realized i was still holding the phone and hung it back up on the hook.
I quickly made a mental list of things to do:
1) Have a shower
2)change into skinny jeans and tank top
3)Blow dry my hair
4)Do hair -curl-straighten??
5)make up
6)get out the door to jake's
7) stop making the list ......

My only thought was that Bella is comig over. But then there was that question about me loveing her. How could i not? But still, i was careful what i said around and to her, because of Edward.

He gets in the way of EVERYTHING

Bella's Point Of View-

I just arrived at Jakes house........ should I get out, or wait for him to come and get me..... if he does get me.
Never mind, my question is answered, Jake is running out to my car right now.
I am going to get out... here I go!

"Hey Jake" I said nerviously.

Playing with his short hair (that he cut which gets me so mad, because I loved his long beautiful hair) he quickly said

"Whats wrong Jake?"

"Nothing, everything is cool"

I knew that he was lying, Jake was never like this. Did somebody die? get hurt? I needed to know what happened, and him just saying "Nothing" was not helpful.

"Jake, you know that through whatever you can tell me anything you feel. You know that right?"

"Yeah Bella, I do know that."

Ughhh! I can not do this he needs to tell me!

"Jake, lets go inside your house and talk, I feel that you need to tell me something, and you are not sharing the information!"

"Fine! but I am telling you that nothing is wrong, I am just thinking"

As we walked into his house, he started to mumble to himself.....weird, I have never heard him mumble to himself like that!
Soon after we sat on his bed.

"Whats up Jake? Whatcha thinkin' about? You can tell me anything you want"

"Bella just stop it! Nothing is wrong I am just thinking about what you said this morning"

HUH? what was he talking about??

"Bella, this morning you asked me if I still loved you, I have been thinking about that"

Ohhh......thats what he meant about "I am thinking about stuff"
I wrote more :) You can continue if you want too =)

This was getting a liltle weird she know's i love her to death but yet she still questions me i wonder if she came over 2 tell me she loves me 2 but i cood'nt get oner how wonderful she looks wit her skinny jeans tank and she smelt wonderful i wanted 2 kiss her so bad maybe i wiill

Jake was quiet for a few minutes. i wonder what he is debating about right now? Maybe since i am with edward he will say we shouldnt hang out that much anymore. i really hope thats not it, just him saying it would break my heart.
''Jake, your killing me'' i complained. '' PLease tell me what you are trying to qwork out in your head.''
He sighed, and then looked right in my eyes.


"Jake your killing me, Please tell me what you are trying to work out in your head" she negged at me.

I couldnt take it anymore and decided to just tell her. i sighed an looked right into her eyes.
That was a HUGE mistake. it automatically melted my insides. They ae the most bautiful eyes i have ever seen. I wished i could look into those eyes for the rest o forever.
I suddenly shook myself mentally. trying t clear the dizziness from my head.
"Bella" i begain,"i have the most strongest feelings for you. I love you so much, but" i said then contined,, "we cant ever be together, you love edward and are happy with him. i couldnt take that away from you. but you being with edward? he is my enemy bella, i cant make nice with him, so i cant ever get close with you."
My words hurt so much that i felt my heart throb. But apparently my words hurt more than just me. A tear escaped from the corner of her eye. I suddenly felt stupid for saying those words. I wish i coulod tae them back, but then she woud think that i was playing with her emotions.
i automatically pulled her to me and hugged her tightly to my chest, letting her tears stain my shirt. i just ruined the eveningwith my harsh and hurtful words.
"Bella, i'm so sorry. i never ment for you to get hurt over this." i said with earnest.
She just shook her head on my chest and continued to sob.
I started to rock back an froth with her in my arms, caressing her face, wiping the tears and kissingher hair. Eventually she lifted her face and wiped her wet cheeks again.
"I'm sorry, i shouldnt have reacted that way." she said to me.
"Never be sorry" i said then i kissed her

(someone can put in the kissing part and her feelings and what not.. just keep adding on at a writers block)
and maybe put it in bellas point of view
okay well my idea, was for bella to NOT be with Edward and instead be with Jacob and also, i thought it would be cool, if bella already new that jacobb was a werewolf, and edward a vampire......but it is a group story, so idc if you want to change that :)
I lifted my face from Jake's head and wiped away my tears from my face, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted this way." I told Jacob.

"Never be sorry Bella." Jacob said and we were both staring into each others eyes. Jake then cupped my face with his big warm hands and leaned toward me.

I let him kiss me, Jakes kiss was soft and gentle and as we were kissing I knew that I had more strong feelings for Jacob than I ever realized.

Once Jake and I stopped kissing, Jacob looked deeply into my eyes and said, "Bella, I love you, don't you ever forget that."

"I love you too Jake, always and forever." I smiled. I knew right then and there that things were going to change. For me, Jacob, and Edward. . . . .


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