The Twilight Saga

Chapter 3:


    When I wake up again I find that I am at the Cullen's house and my arm is healedHow long was I out? I say. A week.says Carlisle.Then I see Edward coming in and I get tense. I am so sorry Jacob.I didn't know what came over me.Edward said.Oh Jake I amso happy you are alright Renesmee says as she kisses me on my cheek.


    Oh Jake I am so glad your alright! said Bella.


    Hey listen now that I am ok can I take Renesmee out to dinner and a movie?


     NO! Edward said.


    Honey calm down. Yes Jake you and Renesmee can go to dinner and a movie.Bella said.


   Hey what are we going to do ? Renesmee says as we get to get into the rabbit

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wow!! i want more, please :D
there will be pleanty more
but when?? jejej
I am about to write more right now
great !!
yeah, me to.
why Edward is so... i dont know how to say it... like he's jealous of jacob, because renesmee wants to be with him...
he is not jelous he is just worried about his little girl


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