The Twilight Saga

Okay, I saw this when I looked at our competition,Team Edward (only kidding!) It's called the wrong answer game. It goes like this. Becka C, i hope you don't mind, I'm using you as an example!


Kenzie Rose: Why did Edward leave Bella?


Becka C: To go pick up his laundry from the laundromat.  What did Carlisle do before he was a doctor?


And it goes on like that. One person asks a question, the other answers and leaves another question.  Team Edward's Wrong Answer game  was honestly hilarious, so let's see if we can make this even more humorous than theirs! GO TEAM JACOB!


I'll start.


Why did bella jump off the cliff?

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to fall in love with jacob
You have to put down a question, too!
why bella cut herself in the cullens house?
because she's emo.why did edward leave her?
Because he wanted to go see the Beatles in concert. Why did Jacob say he had mono?
so bella will think he's over her? why did rosalie tell edward about alice's vision?
She hoped he'd get eaten by a salt water crocodile in the Great Barrier Reef as a form of suecide. Why did James kill Waylon?
because he couldn't stand the smell of buttcrack santa.... why did bella think she was normal when she was hallucinating?
She thought she was normal because she remembered a song by her favorite artist, Britney Spears, that talked about how hallucinating was completely normal. Or did she hallucinate the song? Did she hallucinate Britney Spears, too? Is this whole entire world something she hallucinated? AHHHHH!
Why did Jake shove Leah out of the way in the vampire war in Eclipse?
so she would be misrable and bored? these are getting old is jake?
Sorry! I'll keep it easy!
Jake is fifty-three and balding.
Where is Carlisle from?
because she believed her blood is pink. why did edward cover his nose when bella walked in the class


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