The Twilight Saga

Okay, I saw this when I looked at our competition,Team Edward (only kidding!) It's called the wrong answer game. It goes like this. Becka C, i hope you don't mind, I'm using you as an example!


Kenzie Rose: Why did Edward leave Bella?


Becka C: To go pick up his laundry from the laundromat.  What did Carlisle do before he was a doctor?


And it goes on like that. One person asks a question, the other answers and leaves another question.  Team Edward's Wrong Answer game  was honestly hilarious, so let's see if we can make this even more humorous than theirs! GO TEAM JACOB!


I'll start.


Why did bella jump off the cliff?

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A goat! He loves to be a goat!

What animal would Bella be?
jasper would be a kitten. kittens calm people :3

what about carlisle? :O
Carlise would be a bloodhound.

Why did Emmett put on a TuTu? :D
He wanted to become a girl

WHy does Edward almost expose his secret?
Because she has been anemic her whole life and she thinks by becoming a vampire she can build up her blood count.

Why do Edward and the rest of vampire kind sparkle in the sun?
it was beyond what the wolves expected
(i guess)

why did bree want bella?
She didn't want Bella she wanted her necklace,, Stephenie Meyer made a typo xD

Why is Edward so protective?
cuz one time a dog ate his bat

why did emmett and rosalie fell in love?
Rosaliie iis actually a wiitch,, she made a love-posiion,, but Emmett doesn't know iit,, so he thiinks he iis really iin love wiith her...

Why iis Charliie a cop?
Edward said yeah ofc he does stupid. Now get back in the kitchen...I been waiting for my ham sandwich for half an hour now.
What did Jacob do when he first saw bella as a vampire (breaking dawn)
She gets real bad muscle spasms and they get even worse when she is real excited!

Why is the population of Forks so small?
Because he thought the cullens would find out and they could play together so they would fall in love with him and kick Bella out…… why do ware wolves wat so much but look so fit???


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