The Twilight Saga

Okay, I saw this when I looked at our competition,Team Edward (only kidding!) It's called the wrong answer game. It goes like this. Becka C, i hope you don't mind, I'm using you as an example!


Kenzie Rose: Why did Edward leave Bella?


Becka C: To go pick up his laundry from the laundromat.  What did Carlisle do before he was a doctor?


And it goes on like that. One person asks a question, the other answers and leaves another question.  Team Edward's Wrong Answer game  was honestly hilarious, so let's see if we can make this even more humorous than theirs! GO TEAM JACOB!


I'll start.


Why did bella jump off the cliff?

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I think he wouldn't want to. Edward might force him into it, though. I bet that he'd make Jake go someplace where Jacob could whip unhealthy people into shape with killer werewolf workouts. Oh, I know where he'd go! To here in the U.S.A.!!!

Why are the Volturi so influential and powerful?
Because they got in a fight and Emmett has anger issues!

How old is Rosalie?
Oh, you shouldn't ask a woman that, Tabitha. Ever. If she knew, she'd send her monkey man after you!

Why does Rosalie call Emmett that ridiculous nickname?
because he has a harry tail growing.
playing mortal combate live. did bella did bella get mad at edward when he took her to prom?
She thought herself too cool for a team and wanted a whole book and movie of it, (it was that or nothing)

What's Jasper's real power?
ha! that's also my brother's power lol :)

Emmett got bit by that bear but before he could fully transform, Rosalie snatched him, she stopped the transformation in time but he had to live with bear strength for the rest of his life

Why did Rose save Emmet?
He could know if a book was good or bad just by looking at it's cover ...yeah, I know, LAME so he keeps it a secret and says he has no power

What's Esme's?
He can fly!!!

What is Victoria's?
she can eat baby power nostop so that her butt flames would smell so fresh and so clean and that she wouldnt have dental dacay crazy right :)

why is edward not as hot as jacob?
because he freezes -101 and because he doesnt have any abs and muscles like jacob

why do edward had golden eyes and why not glttering eyeshodows??


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