The Twilight Saga

Okay, I saw this when I looked at our competition,Team Edward (only kidding!) It's called the wrong answer game. It goes like this. Becka C, i hope you don't mind, I'm using you as an example!


Kenzie Rose: Why did Edward leave Bella?


Becka C: To go pick up his laundry from the laundromat.  What did Carlisle do before he was a doctor?


And it goes on like that. One person asks a question, the other answers and leaves another question.  Team Edward's Wrong Answer game  was honestly hilarious, so let's see if we can make this even more humorous than theirs! GO TEAM JACOB!


I'll start.


Why did bella jump off the cliff?

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Cauis, She loves blondes

Who would rather Edward date; Tanya, Irina or Kate
cause irina doesnt love laurent that much and edward knows

why did irina ran off after she saw renesmee together with jacob and bella in the forest?
i would want charlie! so he can make me spaghetti =P (lolz in eclipse)

who is better, esme or renee? and why?
Renee she is a vampire but Esme is not. what was Alice when she was human?
He worked in the stables...why did Edward fall in love with Bella?
he liked her jacket.
what is Bella's special givt
before he met Bella . what is the color of Bella truck ?
Alice . what food did Renezmy eat?
break dance
what is alice's power?
To make everyone believe they're vampires

What's Edward's?
space suits
Rock and Roll.
What is Alice's favorite book?


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