The Twilight Saga

The story is going to be in Nessie's P.O.V. Most of the time. I might switcht to Jake's once in awhile (Takes place after Breaking Dawn)






Chapter One: Don't you love me?


I woke up in the morning, right as Aunt Alice popped into my room.

"Rise and Shine Nessie! It's you first day of high school!" She squeaked, waking me up completely.

I was exited to finally be going to high school with my best friend Jacob Black.

Except for the last couple of months, he hasn't felt like... just a friend. I wasn't sure why, but I tried not to worry about it.

I got out of bed and went to my over-sized closet, picking out a perfect back to school ensemble.

It was a skin-tight, purple shirt with one sleeve going to my elbow and the other just being a strap. It was my favorite shirt. I picked out a gray pair of extra skinny, skinny jeans. Aunt Alice wasn't very fond of skinny jeans but she said they looked great on me.

I went to my bathroom and brushed through my golden ringlets. My hair hung down to my waist now.

"Hurry up, Nessie. You're going to be late!" Mom called from the living room.

"I'm ready!" I yelled back, putting a head band on.

I ran out to the living room, grabbing my backpack. I kissed mom, dad, and everyone else goodbye, then ran out the door into Jake's car. He had promised to drive me to school today.

"Hey, Nessie. You look great." He said smiling.

"Thanks. You, too." I nudged his arm, playfully as he flashed my favorite smile.


We got to school barely on time and went to our first class. I was only a freshamn so I only had one class with Jake. After fourth period, we had lunch.

I spotted Jake across the cafeteria, sitting with some of the other wolves. I smiled and walked over to them.

I had this really weird pull to him. Like I didn't want to be too far away for too long. It was starting to become weird to me. "Hey guys. What's up?" I said sitting down.

" We were just... talking about something." Seth answered, serious. He looked like he was trying not to say something. I wonder what it was.

"Actually, Nessie. We were just talking about you." Jake whispered.

"Oh." Was all I could say. Why were they talking about me?

"Nessie? Can I talk to you? Alone?" Jake asked getting up holding out his hand for mine.

I grabbed his hand and he led me to a secluded corner right outside the cafeteria.

He looked around to make sure nobody was listening.

"What is it, Jake? You can tell me anything."

"Um... I- I'm not... completely sure how to say this." He stuttered, looking down at his hands.

"Just say it." I encouraged, smiling.

"Nessie. I'm in love with you." He spit out qucikly, but clearly enough for me to hear correctly.

I gasped.

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Chapter Twenty-one: Consequences.
Kay's Point Of View

After mom and dad had given me a lecture about the consequences of my actions and how I can't be trusted alone and blah blah blah, I fell asleep. My dreams seemed so real... I wanted them to be real. But there was no way they could be, not in my dad's lifetime anyways. Which was... lemme see... Forever! It was me and Seth, finally able to be all alone... Together. When I awoke, I was sweating and I saw a figure standing by my closet door. I panicked. My breathing got deeper and my heart sounded like a helicopters wings, but that was almost normal. Then the figure came out into the light.
Thank god! It was Seth. "Gah! You nearly gave me a heart attack." I whispered, "What are you doing here?"
If my dad caught him here, he was dead for sure.
"Don't worry. Your dad told me to come in here and wake you up. I thought you looked cute when you were asleep, so I gave you a few extra minutes. Plus, you were talking." He said, chuckling at the last part.
Oh crap! I must have been talking about us... I wonder what I said. I really didn;t want to get into that bow, though, so I let it slip.
"So, why did my dad want you to wake me up?"
"Check your calendar, Kay. It's saturday. Your parents are getting married." He said, smiling.
"Oh, yeah!" I hurried out of bed and ran into my closet. I didn't care if Seth watched me get dressed, I didn't mind.
I stripped down to my underwear and looked through the rack of close, for the dress Alice had given me.
Of course, who should walk in?
"Kay. Are you ready yet?" Dad asked, walking through the door.
He didn't see me, but he saw Seth looking into my closet.
"Seth. Out." I could hear my dad trying to keep his voice down, for my sake.
I finally found that dress, and slipped it on. It was earthy green, since my parents were having an outdoor wedding, with lining of gold.

I loved it because it perfectly fit the woodsy feeling around this place.
After I got changed, put on make up and put on some golden flats, I ran out the door to show Seth.
"So how do I look?"
"Gorgeous. As always." He answered.
"You look great, Kay. But we have to go right now." My dad told us, hurrying out the door.
This was going to be a perfect day, for my parents.

Nessie's Point Of View

Alice was getting me ready by polishing, waxing, buffing, and beautifying up my whole body. After she was all finished, she turned me around in the chair, stood me up and faced me in front of the mirror. She had saved the wedding gown I was going to wear a long time ago, before the kids came along. It was perfect.
I suddenly heard the traditional wedding march playing downstairs, and freaked out. Just then, dad came in with my bouquet and held out his arm. "Are you ready, Renesmee?"
I wanted to say oh hell no but I was. I was ready to become Mrs. Jacob Black.
The ceremony went by so quickly. We said our vows, we exchanged rings, we said our 'I do's', and finally we got to the reception party.
I danced with everyone. When I made my way back to Jacob, I had a huge smile on my face.
"You look so beautiful today, Nessie. Do you know that?" Jake asked, stroking my cheek with his thumb.
"Of course I do! Alice wouldn't have it any other way." I laughed. I also heard a few other chuckles from the vampire eavesdroppers.
"I have no privacy. Even when I'm trying to talk to my husband!" I whispered.
He smiled at my choice of words. "And I have no privacy when I'm trying to talk to my wife."
I felt my blush comming on. The blush he'd been waiting for. And then, the blood rushed to my face, forcing me to look down.
It was the happiest day of my life, and it was the perfect moment. But who interrupts it? That's right, Alice.
I went with her without a word. I looked at the people still dancing. Mom and dad, grampa and gramma, Emmett and Rosalie, and the ones I saw the clearest... Seth and Kay. They looked so happy I wanted to cry.
As I was looking at Kay, she turns to me and blows me a kiss. I smile and blow one back mouthing 'I love you'.
The last thing I saw was Seth kiss Kay. I wasn;t mad or sad. I was happy. Happy that my little girl had found the love that I found a long time ago.
i love this chapter :D its probably my favourite, and that dress is beautiful :)
LOVe IT!! Can't wait to
WOW i lov the dress and the story its great that kay and seth are together write soon:-}
omg! that was amazing!!!
:D WOW ^_^
awwwwww......thats so cute!
and no im in 8th grade because i failed 7th grade and started school late! lol
:o wow! thats interesting lol :D
I'm 12
I'm the youngest
But I still love your stories
lol im twelve 2 but im turning 13 in january i cant wait :D


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