The Twilight Saga

The story is going to be in Nessie's P.O.V. Most of the time. I might switcht to Jake's once in awhile (Takes place after Breaking Dawn)






Chapter One: Don't you love me?


I woke up in the morning, right as Aunt Alice popped into my room.

"Rise and Shine Nessie! It's you first day of high school!" She squeaked, waking me up completely.

I was exited to finally be going to high school with my best friend Jacob Black.

Except for the last couple of months, he hasn't felt like... just a friend. I wasn't sure why, but I tried not to worry about it.

I got out of bed and went to my over-sized closet, picking out a perfect back to school ensemble.

It was a skin-tight, purple shirt with one sleeve going to my elbow and the other just being a strap. It was my favorite shirt. I picked out a gray pair of extra skinny, skinny jeans. Aunt Alice wasn't very fond of skinny jeans but she said they looked great on me.

I went to my bathroom and brushed through my golden ringlets. My hair hung down to my waist now.

"Hurry up, Nessie. You're going to be late!" Mom called from the living room.

"I'm ready!" I yelled back, putting a head band on.

I ran out to the living room, grabbing my backpack. I kissed mom, dad, and everyone else goodbye, then ran out the door into Jake's car. He had promised to drive me to school today.

"Hey, Nessie. You look great." He said smiling.

"Thanks. You, too." I nudged his arm, playfully as he flashed my favorite smile.


We got to school barely on time and went to our first class. I was only a freshamn so I only had one class with Jake. After fourth period, we had lunch.

I spotted Jake across the cafeteria, sitting with some of the other wolves. I smiled and walked over to them.

I had this really weird pull to him. Like I didn't want to be too far away for too long. It was starting to become weird to me. "Hey guys. What's up?" I said sitting down.

" We were just... talking about something." Seth answered, serious. He looked like he was trying not to say something. I wonder what it was.

"Actually, Nessie. We were just talking about you." Jake whispered.

"Oh." Was all I could say. Why were they talking about me?

"Nessie? Can I talk to you? Alone?" Jake asked getting up holding out his hand for mine.

I grabbed his hand and he led me to a secluded corner right outside the cafeteria.

He looked around to make sure nobody was listening.

"What is it, Jake? You can tell me anything."

"Um... I- I'm not... completely sure how to say this." He stuttered, looking down at his hands.

"Just say it." I encouraged, smiling.

"Nessie. I'm in love with you." He spit out qucikly, but clearly enough for me to hear correctly.

I gasped.

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WOOOW:D she is soo young but still I lov the story:) can't wait how jacob and nessie are going to react:D
Good for Seth!! He was allways the 'more highly evolved spirit' --- he wants to wait to make it 'right ' i.e. marriage first -- I'm not prejudiced either way, but Nessie's pre-marital shananigans caused a lot of problems. To me, Seth is holding onto principals of honor like Edward did - I admire Seth - even if some of the families' oppinion has forced them to elope -- it's still legal!! More power to 'em!!
How awesome was that!? =.)
How are Nessie and Jake going to react???
I can't wait!!!
wow gr8 chapterss kim loved it ! <3
thank u all :P writing more today
yay .... that was pretty intense lol
Writing more right now :D
NOOOOOOOO I wrote so much and it all erased!!! D': REWRITING!
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Truth
Nessie's Point Of View

Jake and I had been on the island for five days when we recieved a call from the family. They said they needed us to come home and that it was important and they needed our help.
Although I was hesitant to leave, I packed our bags and we rushed out the door.
Jake barely said anything on the way home. When we pulled up to the Cullen house, he still said nothing.
I grabbed my bags and walked inside.
Everyone had horror-striken faces. And everyone was there.
My whole family and the entire wolf pack. Something was up.
I had no clue what was going on until I noticed two people missing, "She didn't?!"
Edward nodded. I ran out the door to my house.
I searched high and low, and came up empty. Until I found a note on the fridge.
It read:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Don't worry about me.
I'm with Seth.
I wanted you to know that I love you all.
But it was your crippling words that detroyed my happiness and forced me to leave.
Love you Always,
Kay Lynn

I turned around in Jake arms and sobbed, violently, into his chest. He tried soothing me, unsuccessfully.
After a few minutes, I dropped to the floor sitting there for hours, until Jake brought me to bed.
I stared away from Jacob's gaze with wide-eyes.
I woke up to the sound of Jakes low, muffled snoring, and made my way down stairs.
I walked to the phone planning to see if I could get ahold of Seth.
I grabbed the phone, when it rang.
It was Kay.

~Seth's Point of View~

I woke up in the morning to find Kay rumaging through the fridge.
She, obviously, didn't hear me come in, so I cleared my throat.
She jumped at the noise and yelled, "Gah! Don't sneak up on me!"
She punched my arms and I said, "Sorry. i didn't mean to, babe."
We laughed.
"By the way, my gorgeous wife, you look beautiful this morning."
"Yeah right!" She said, giggling.
She had a horrified expression on her face. I could tell she needed her family.
"Kay, maybe we should go back."
"No! I don't... want to." She snapped, her voice breaking.
"At least call to let them know you're okay."
"Okay. I need to hear their voices anyways." She whispered, picking up the phone.
She dialed the number and nessie answered on the first ring.
I listened, intently, to their conversation.
"Oh my god! Kay. You need to come home, sweetie!" Nessie said.
"No, mom. I'm not coming back!" Kay snapped.
"Oh yes you-" Nessie got cut off and then Jake started talking... yelling.
"Kay Lynn Black! You better march your little as-"
"That's not my name!" Kay interrupted.
"What the hell do you mean that's not your name?!"
"I mean, my name is not Kay Lynn Black. It's Kay Lynn Clearwater." She said, winking at me.
The line went silent.
"Are you joking?! Kay you better be joking!" Jake yelled.
"No! I'm not! and I'm never coming home!" She yelled, holding back sobs. She slammed the phone shu and threw it against the ground, snapping it in two.
Her knees gave out and she was sobbing on the floor.
I ran to her side and pulled her into my arms, letting her cry into my chest.
I let her calm down and then she moved her arms up to my neck, and jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist.
She rested he head in the nape of my neck, hugging me close.
"We need to go home, Kay." I whispered.
"Okay." She said, her voice strained from crying.
I packed our bags and got in the car.
She fell asleep after only a few minutes.
It only took about an hour and a half to get back to Forks.
When I pulled up to the Cullens' house. I woke Kay and got out, opening her door for her.
She smiled and grabbed my hand in hers. Her eyes were still stained with tears, rimmed with red.
before we could get through the door, everyone comes out pulling us into hugs.
Leah was the last one to get to me. "If you ever leave again, I swaer, I will kick your little werewolf as-"
I cut her off, "Good to be home, sis."
She smiled and hugged Kay, too. Leah liked Kay. That was good.
I finally got back to Kay and pulled her into my arms, lightly pecking her on the lips.
Everyone looked as if we had grown up in the past three days. I felt like I did.
We answered everyone's questions, until it was Alice's turn.
"So since you didn't have a real wedding. It's my turn to put my mad skills to the test." She said.
"No. Alice. We are already married. I don't want a wedding." Kay said. I smiled. Although a big wedding didn't sound all too horrible.
Edward smiled at my thought.
Then I heard 'Might as well give Alice what she wants', but nobdy had said anything.
I looked around the room, so everyone heard it.
I looked at Kay in astonishment. "What?" She asked.
"Found out what your gift is!" Emmett shouted, laughing.
"What are you talking about?" She asked.
"Babe. We all hear you think 'Might as well give Alice what she wants'. You can project what your thinking out loud." I explained.
"Really? Kinda like mom, but I dont have to be touching anyone." She whispered, mostly to herself, "Cool!"
"So, can I take that as a yes?" Alice squeaked.
"Knock yourself out Alice." Kay said, looking at me.
I smiled, holding back my laughs, "I love you so much." I kissed her once and pulled away.
Then I heard 'Aww... Pull away so soon?'
Everyone started laughing as Kay turned a deep red. I wonder if she'll be able to control this perticular gift.
I love her gift!! That was an awesome idea!!! Can't wait to read more!!!
She can project her thoughts
I love it


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