The Twilight Saga

I take four bites out of a strawberry poptart,water it down with apple juice spiked blood. I then put on my dark shades and a hoodie along with skinny jeans. And I head out towards the bus stop. This is my daily mourning routine. I have to live this way,hiding behind this oversized hoodie and dark sunglasses. I purposely try not to get noticed by others. I work hard to be invisible and shut away my true self. Because if any body knew in my high school what I really hid behind these over sized clothes and dark sunglasses, they would banish me from this town, or even try to kill me. I wish I could let my true self show. I hate being the mut I am! Something that only exist in fairy tell book's. I never get cold nor hot. I eat human food,drink blood,and sometimes l even eat raw animals. I'm a monster I should have not existed. I have fangs when I want them, I can change my shape. I'm a breed between a vampire and a werewolf. I'm a disgrace to the world. But I have to live this life for some reason, I can almost feel the atmosphere tilting. As if something major might happen soon. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________tell meh what y'all think about this.(might put the first chapter tomorrow or Friday, this was just the prologue)_

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Oh, a vamp/wolf mix! I love it! You should name it "my true self" or "my true form" or along those lines because it goes with the hiding her/his true form. Anyway I love it and I'll be back to read more!

~<€~pandas sing ;P>
Thanks for the feedback(: I'll write some more tomorrow
OK I can't wait!

I like it :)

Name Choice: "True Crossed Life"

Chapter 1 "the bird" (part 1 out of 2) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"Alex, Alex " a voice screams to me in the back of my head waking me up from my first period class, English. "Wha...what" I said in a mumble, blinking my eyes open. "The tardy bell rang for your next class almost didn't see you there " Mrs. Thomas said as she was writing something down on a yellow piece of paper. "Here's your pass " she handed it to me when I got up to see a room filled with new faces coming into the classroom. "Thanks Mrs. T" I said in a low voice as I slipped back on my shades. Just when I heard a low gasp literally a second before I put my shades on."oh my God!" One kid said while another whispered "did you see that,is that even real?@"I rushed out of the class room regretting that I even took off my shades."they.....they....they might of seen my eyes" I keept repeating to myself,this was horrible. They would truly know I'm a freak now. There wasn't any human or creature that I knew of,that had eyes like mine. My eyes are purple, well actually more of a violet color with a thin line of silver trimming around the Iris." my life is officially over, my life is ruined" I kept repeating to myself as I walked slowly towards the benches outside ,and sat on the first one I could find. "Alex I know your scared,but it's going to be okay " a deep voice said to me."okay who was saying that"I said a little confused. I looked around and I only saw a black bird on the table looking at me. "No fudging way"I said while looking at the bird closer.
I'll write the second part 2 this chapter tomorrow, hope y'all like it:)
Holy crow! No, literally it like talked! That is so cool! I can't wait till the next chapter!


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