The Twilight Saga

twilight,new moon,eclipse,or breaking dawn?   mine is eclipse

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Its between new moon and breaking dawn
Eclipse wuz not as gud as breaking dawn
Same....New moon and breaking dawn
Eclipse and jacob are my favorites :P
twilight and breaking dawn for me
the begining and the end of the series i love how it started and the ending was valid
thats al i can say
my favorit are twilight and eclipse i think...
yes it's sad that jacob hear that bella gonna get marrid...but the book funny to...
if i think very go...i think i love all the twilight's beter then Harry potter...XDDD
my favorites are eclipse and breaking dawn eclipse because its funny i love the part where jacob kisses bella and she punches him and breaks her hand that was hialrious and bd because its just beastie i dont know why but it made me sad for jake cause he was all sad cause of bella and he was depressed and in so much pain and then the ending when they thought they were all gonna die i started crying last time i read it
hands down ESCLIPE i love that tention through out the wwwwhhhooollleeee book and the cpmpetion between edward and jacob i like that we get to see how the other Cullens became Vampires and its very cool that theres a female werewolf in the wolf pack and to me edward is funny in dis book wen he rejects Bella from having sex and jacobs bad ass tale and just love it and so much more .... =)


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