The Twilight Saga

what do u think of the cast for BD??? and who would u like to play the role of Nahuel????

so....the covens have found who'll be playin' them in the movies???
what do u think of them???
did u imagine them like that...or where u waiting for someone better to fit in the roles of the covens???
and what about the romanians????

speak ur thoughts people!!!


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um, mackenzie foy is renesmee?

OMG Mackenzie Foy is adorable and she will make a good nessie.. i read it online YES she is renesmee(:
Mackenzie rocks! But I hate the girl who will play Tia.... I wanted to get that part haha damn her! Now she gets Rami all to herself....
haha what about nahuel???
anyone have any ideas???
Oh hey your right! He isnt up there.... hmmmmm... I think Jeremy Sumpter would be a good Nahuel :D


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