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I always wanted to know what were everyone's pov on this matter.


Please tell me what you guys think.


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I like Jacob and think after knowing Bella all these years she should have given him a chance. Maybe she feels like a sister to him but I think before she came to forks to live, edward could have chosen someone else.
I think i some was edward din't deserve bella. and jake is way way.......... hoter then edward in every way!!
We all know the last part is true
I think bella only wants edward so she can be 18. Forever after all the times jake put his heart out there.and of course jake is hotter and edward deserves whatever he gets except bella
Thank you Destiny I agree ten fold with you there
I'd say Jake deserved Bella, but really Edward has done nothing wrong, even though I despise him, he deserves her, but Jake should have had a fair chance too.

And... JAKE! nuh-duh lol
go edward!!........................................................................and jacob =D
Well i think it wasn't fair to Jacob because He only wanted Bella to be normal and So did Edward so why didn't Edward just stick to what he wanted and leave Bella an dlet Hotty Jakey do his thing and Bella would of been very happy.
JACOB is way hotter than EDWARD!!!! And no, Edward does not deserve Bella. I think when he went to the Volturi, he should've stayed there and Alice and Bella shouldnt've come to get him. Jacob and Bella make a really cute couple and should've never been bothered. And a message to any Bella or Edward fans...YOU ARE CRAZY!!! GO TEAM JACOB!!!
I think Edward deserved Bella. I think when Edward left her in New Moon, she should have given Jacob a chance then, but then again like Bella said "It wouldn't have changed anything at all, that's why she was resisting so hard". I think everyone has that six sense of who their supposed to be with. If Bella had've gotten with Jacob, Renesmee wouldn't have been born. I think it worked out like it was intended too.
We have a Edward Fan in this discussion. Anyway it is a discussion to speak your mind and to give your pov.
i am team edward and bella; team jacob and renesmee i dont think jacob and bella should be together they're better off as close friends


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