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What if the role of Jacob Black never landed on Taylor Lautner. Are you gonna like him(taylor) or the werewolf jacob? Whatcha think?

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because Tay-tay is ma wolfie <3
i agree
I like them both :)
I like them both so it wouldnt even matter.
I would definitely still like Taylor. He may not be as popular, but he would still be hot!
i will still like the person who will play jacob black and of course jacob itself but in taylor of course i will still like him if he will be introduced in another role of course even if it is not twilight..we just happened to know him becausevof this series ryt?
I would still like the character Jacob. Even though Taylor introduced me to him on the big screen, it is book Jacob that I like the most.

As for Taylor, I probably wouldn't know who he is, and that makes me sad. It is really difficult for teenage actors to find roles that appeal to such a wide audience, so I am not really sure that I would have seen other movies that he would have been in. However I do think that he would have been successful even without Twilight, it just would have taken some more time.


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