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This is an all out tell us what you feel about Jacob and Why?

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i wove evry thing bout him
his so easy to love personality :3 <3
hes funny and sweet. and hes definetly not overprotective
plus hes hot!!!
0mg where 2 hes jus fantastic u jus got 2 love everything bout him
I love him its just the way jacob takes everything thats thrown at him hes so smart about everything he does. even though he loves Bella like crazy and she doesn't know that she loves him too till Eclipse. I reckon hes the best character because hes so real compared to everyone else. Hes also the true outsider of the Twilight Saga and thats how i relate to him
Well I feel in love with him.... and just because! Theres too many reasons to list... my fingers would probably fall off!!!
Jacob, where to begin, he is young a perfect mate when he was human, he knew ow to make Bella feel better....then when he turned into half warefolf he was so much more exciting. They picked the perfect person to play him in the movie Twilight too. His long hair is what I liked best, he looks like he would be indian and those Abs..........make me melt. He is intelligent, handsome, full of kindness, just a sweetheart. He is so forgiving and understanding, putting aside his pain for the one he loves...............I could go on forever.

I love the way Stephenie gives such detailed descriptions in the book and Taylor playing Jacob in the movie is perfect.
He's very kind
I love everything about his personality. When Bellas with him they can just be thereselves and act normal and actually have a good time, so i all i love everything about Jake cuz hes awesome!
what is there not to love!
he's protective without being controlling..
Jacob didn't leave. He let Bella be Bella and loved her even more for it. Jacob was a true and pure friend. He did anything and everything for Bella no matter the pain it caused him. He is warm not ice cold. His kisses don't feel like stone and he can make love to a human woman without worrying about killing her. His smile is like a life line pulling you into his happy world of warmth and pure comfort. Jacob is amazing


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