The Twilight Saga

I would say the best line and definitely defines Jacob is his"Sure,sure..' thing..
It makes me say that Jacob turns to be a real friend who could go out and eat with you and mostly who could always be there for you.

So guys cast on your favorite lines now.. And let Jacob know that those were just a hit on the heart.

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"Does my being half naked bother you?" and "Sure, sure." Are my two favorite things he says :)
i love those two :]
Dying to kill him, afraid to hurt her.... this is his line from breaking dawn...
i know i say that all the time now
"Does my being half naked bother you?"
yeah i know i would say NO
i like this line too!
Jake: ''Does my being halfnaked bother you?''
Me:''absolutely NOT!!''(i love it!)
Jake:''oh, okay, then i'll continue like this''
Me:''sure u son't have to bother putting a t-shirt on'' (=D)
Jacob: O.K. May the best man win.

Edward: Good luck with that...pup.
you're such a good sport ed!
you're such a good sport Ed!
XD I like that one too lol! Tee hee!
I love that one too,lol! XD


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