The Twilight Saga

I would say the best line and definitely defines Jacob is his"Sure,sure..' thing..
It makes me say that Jacob turns to be a real friend who could go out and eat with you and mostly who could always be there for you.

So guys cast on your favorite lines now.. And let Jacob know that those were just a hit on the heart.

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oh and of course does my being half naked bother you?
AND "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf|?!
GO TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" I love that line! it's great!!!!
Okay, i actually like the titles of his part of breaking dawn, and the intro quote...
Ex. 1.) Life sucks, and then you die. Yeah I should be so lucky.
ex. 2.) (fave title of a chapter) Do you need a heart? How about a Brain, Go ahead. Take mine, take everything I own.
"Did you just seriously stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that in movies."

I think thats how it goes.
" Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?" is my favourite. and " I'll always be in the wings waiting for you" I can't remember how he says it but it's something like that and "Naw" instead of No and "Sure sure" okay i just like most of the lines he says. =D
mine is....

The clouds I can handle, But I can't fight with an Eclipse.

Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 28, Page 600
"does my being half-naked bother you?", "Sure,sure.."( i say tht all the time now lol.) and "life sucks and then you die"


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