The Twilight Saga

Hey everyone. If you could be a werewolf, what kind would you be?
I would be a grey werewolf that is medium-sized and is very friendly.
What kind of werewolf would YOU BE?

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I would be a huge white werewolf with blue eyes. very sweet unless you do something stupied to make me mad
a gray werewolf with piercing green eyes. sweet but sarcastic
Awesome. :)
I'll be a big black one with light blue eyes
Sweet! :D
big and grayish blackish color and kinda mean kinda nice and a very light green for eye color
Big ! definetly [x
Uhm White o.o
Black eyes. Agressive [x .
~A huge, jet black werewolf with deep, piercing blue eyes and silver markings....... very aggressive, but friendly to ones i trust~

GRRRR so don't get me angry!
Haha! Awesome!
Black, with fierce black eyes and a temper to match. But when u understand me, I'll be gentle.


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