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I really do hope Stephenie keeps to her word and continues The Twilight Saga. But I think instead of making it of Bella, Jacob, and Edward, I think she should make it of some of the other couples. Like Quil and Claire, Jacob and Renesme, and Kim and Jared. How did they meet? And then she could make one of Hot Doc and Esme, Roasile and Emmett, Jasper and Alice. Then I think she should write about the love triangle of Sam, Leah and Emily. Oh, and Paul and Rachel!!!!! But I really think she should really make a story about Embry Call and his future imprint. Also one about Collin and Brady!!!!! so yeah....

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What about the new wolves in the end of Breaking Dawn there are seven more. 16 wolves are at the fight so there are more wolves. Yeah she should right and put their names. :D

i think she needs a hole nother book or just one explaining evrything new about the quiletts


I think she should write about all of them. She should especially write about Charlie and Sue.


i think there should just be more books ... I don't want Twilight to end.

I was so upset when I finished Breaking Dawn- the first time I read it ,it was like nooooooo.

& then the movies will be over soon </3

It would be cool to hear about different couples though too. I want to know more about Jasper and Alice ! & Leah too ! That's be cool (:

totally that is what i think to.

To be honest I think I've had it with Twilight stories. Four is fine. Four is BETTER than fine. I honestly don't think she'll EVER continue writing Midnight Sun so...yeah. I'm not Team Edward so I probably wouldn't read it anyway. *Shrug*


On a side note, who's read The Short Life of Bree Tanner or something like that? Frankly, I didn't even bother. I know how it ends though! -__-

She should write an entire saga about Nessie and Jacob. Bella and Edward should just DISAPPEAR! i hope she writes something about Seth as well.he should imprint on a vampire!
There is a good fanfic about seth imprinting on a vamp!
Yeah. I read one on and it was called First Light: A Continuation of Breaking Dawn. It was amazingly well-written, with very few typos. If you're interested in reading it, go to, scroll down until you see Creative Corner, click on Fan Fiction, and scroll down again until you find First Light. I loved that story. I count it as one of my Twilight Books now. I don't want to give out any SPOILERS but SETH IMPRINTS ON A FULL VAMPIRE AND LEAH IMPRINTS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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