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I've just re-read the saga. I was reading BD, the part where Leah explains to Jake why she think she'd be a genetic dead end / when they talk about the purpose of imprinting ( searching for the most perfect gene pool to procreate and make more pups ) when it hit me... what was Bella's true purpose in Jacob's life except breaking him into pieces...
Why wasn't he able to leave ,even after all the rejections...... would it be necesary, in order to keep him near Bella for future references ( Renesmee )

In BD, from Jake's POV, when he's performing CPR on Bella afte she gave birth, he felt the pull he had for her disappear, vanish because she was dead ( to him ). Yet he started to feel a pull downwards ( thinking he needed to leave ) afterwards he realised the pull whas for Renesmee...

Did he imprint on Nessie because she was the first human female that ( in his rage and hatred ) he really SAW?
Was Bella not meant for him because of her ( future ) child and it's amazing gene make-up ? Would Jacob and Renesmee be the key players for a GENETIC truce between humans/wolves/vampires ?

I sure hope so...Because if not this would be the ugly alternative..... why would S.M. make him so desperate for Bella that he projects his love on ( in his mind ) the last scraps of Bella: half her genes... Jake deserves SOOOO much least a noble secret intention behind his imprinting on the little spawn.

What do you all think?

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I'm really hoping it's a truce, other wise the love he had(s) for Bella was cruel. My question is, even with the imprinting, Edward still doesn't like Jacob and vice versa, so, how hard would eddie make it on Jacob if he came around all the time to see the kid-not to mention her mother? Overall, I think Jake go the seriously raw end of the deal.
very true...Bella seemed to make the biggest fuzz about Jake's imprintation ( is that even a word? ) on Nessie. After everything he did for her, I think her reaction was very unfair.
And about Edward, yeah....he does develope respect for Jacob. I think they might even like each other in another situation. If Nessie would be my kid, I'd rather such a pure person like Jacob to imprint on her / sweep her off her feet. :D
I don't get Bella. I think she should be shaken until the common sense comes back. Why is she mad at Jake? It's not like he planned this! Geez, ungrateful, just ungrateful. After EVERYTHING Jacob does fot her...See, this is another reason I can't stand her.
First.... I love Renesmee... I really do.... I was just hoping it be a good thing between Jacob and her... soemthing true, with a true purpose...:) ...with that said...I read your Red Sunrise and it's really really delightful, i love it!! Keep up the great work!

Readding about Jacob and Leah ( in Jasmine's Midnight Shadows ) is also big the possibility if Nessie was never conceived :)


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