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what will you do if NM is canceled and eclipse and breaking dawn will never be movies?

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id watch them X)
Make my own ;)
i would probably kill myself! lol no i wouldn't. im just a drama queen. but i'd probably beg Summit until they made them, movies.
i wud too
good plan ;]
I would run around screaming and then start calling a bunch of different directors and producers and try to get them to do something about it
but it wuznt and eclipse is already filmed!
You're right!!!!!
I would kill myself cause that would SUCK!
OMG! Dont even think of it! I will try to find some way for someone to take over the project. We all will Im sure! =D They have to get done! There are waaaayyy too many fans out here, from all over the world that would be very very disappointed. =(
You've got the point!!!!!!! It's toooooooooooo many fans
I would be very up seet if they don't make eclipse and breaking dawn in to movies.


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