The Twilight Saga

what will you do if NM is canceled and eclipse and breaking dawn will never be movies?

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The very idea is full of fail. ha ha.
knock on wood!! i would be devestated!! i would probably build a riot!! or a mob
that would be the worst thing EVER id cry and sulk soooo much
Don't say such a thing!!!!!!!! You put a thought like that out there and it may come true!!!!!! No No NO. I just don't want to even think such a thought. No the movies will be done. Too much money to be made for them not to make the movies.
scream really loud dn write a email to tha websites swearing dm n u
#1 I'll cry #2 I'll get myself toghter and make the movies myself
0mg i wud b sooo pissed
i would too. nice bod btw
i would kill some1 !!!! and then sue 'em all !!!!
i would scream!


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