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what would happen if nessie and jacob do it? would nessie have a half vamp, half wolf kid? give me your theories

i think she would have a very twisty kid

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the kid wud b da 1st crossova breed
wouldn't their kid be 1/3 wolf 1/3 human 1/3 vamp? i sorta imagine their kid in a sense, being a wolf/human who can drink blood...its mind boggling
I Would think i would have wolf in his/her blood but wud probably be more vampire like Renesmee
Edward would call the police and Jacob would get arrested.
Good Question... It would have to be before she was frozen because she will freeze just like a real vampire... I would say it would be half wolf and a forth human a forth vampire... It would be kind of like a lyken I would presume but since it has more wolf then anything it might over power it... Genes are a funny thing to play with... The baby might get more vampire genes or human genes or wolf genes... It is all curcumstantal of corse but it is a good question!!

I think the child will be like Nessie. How awkward for Bella and Edward. Ew, to once think that he loved her mother, then Bella's bestfriend is having a child.... with her child.??? WEIRD AND SOO SOO WRONG!

i think the kid would be third human third vamp third wolf


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