The Twilight Saga

what would happen if nessie and jacob do it? would nessie have a half vamp, half wolf kid? give me your theories

i think she would have a very twisty kid

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i know right?
yeah it would be very interesting... very interesting kid they would have. probably be a human but has a vampire side but can also change into a werewolf idk
There is a FF that mentions this; its very interesting. I forget the title of the FF, but its either Renesmee Future, by Layna Cullen-Black, posted in the Breaking Dawn group disussion, or Raising Moon by Edward's Wife. Both are great! Chek them out. =D
that sounds really cool :D
i've been thinking about it too, well my theories would be half vampire-half wolf kid, and half human-quarter wolf-quarter vampire kid..
Or a human that turned into a cold-blooded wolf that could inject poison and turn others into its kind.
that sounds freakin scary XD
nice theorys :)
lol, awsome hybrid theory
well yea she would!
i would think that it would be a werewolf with a few vampire features like reading minds and drinking blood!
hmmm could be X)


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