The Twilight Saga

it was raining outside and it was also my night to gaurd la push with we walked back she started to carry a conversation.
" hey jake" leah asked.
" yeah leah" i said.
" you know you'll never get over her she used you to help get over him
then went right back to him" she said.
" maybe not but i will be here for her if i have to'' i said.

she caught me off guard when she kissed me right square on the mouth. i didnt fight though it was my secound kis but this was differnt it felt natural. it felt right. She finally stopped and we panted for breath. after all we are somewhat human.

" I want you all to myself" she said.
" creepy " sam said coming outside.
" sam you ruined the moment" she snapped
" she right you know i enjoyed it just as much til you came out" I said
" you did" they said in unison. i laughed.
" course" I said.
" why did you" sam asked.
" cuz she's a good kisser,'' I said " and it i dont know it just felt right"
" wow you two could be a couple you know" sam said.
" do you want to be" I asked leah.
" Yes!" she said.
"wow this just got a whole lot more intristing" sam said.

I kissed her and i felt the whole bella left me with slowly fill up. sam left and went back inside. I laughed.

" at least we know how to get rid of him" i said.

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i love it it is hilarious that is one way to get rid of Sam

"yeah thats right he's so obnoxious" leah said.

 why is that do you think i asked.

cuz he didnt like hurting me she replied.

he couldnt help it i said.

yeah but you can she said.

thats right i love you i said

I don't think that would be such a good idea. I don't like Leahs' attitude

well then shut up and besides did you ever think i dont have to do stephinies version maybe i can make leah sweet with jake but kick somedys but when they talk smack about jake

this was good i help to here some more about this story. i thank Leah and Jacob go together to.

chapter two

hey bella how are you


im dating leah



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