The Twilight Saga

if u had to choose a name when u turned into a were wolf what would it b?
mine is Cindy-May

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mine probaly would be a indain name like little deer.
oh jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz idk ummmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe something simple like Melissa or Brooklyn
mine will be i think in jake i love u.
mine would be tinka cuz ery1 already call me dat and i think it fit who i am
Nasali or Dakota
good question, either one of my nicknames, adri (aw-dree) or shanna, short for shannaleen :D
ummm. id say Myda! : )
i would want mine to b aelly
I already have one. its Aro Wolf. I have had this name for many years now. I have always used it and always will continue to use it as long as I believe the wolf is inside of me. I know I sound kinda nuts but some will know what I mean.
Kyera! Definitely what my name would be!
crystal clearwater ( lol sounds like a water bottle !! hehe )
hmmm......... mine would be Kay or Isabella


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