The Twilight Saga

I'm assuming everyone ready this is team jacob...?

well i was just wondering when did you start to be team jacob?
in moon...eclipse..or maybe even breaking dawn.

jacob isn't really in twilight that much so did you start in new moon?

my opinion:
I am team jacob in new moon...and then i go back and forth between edward and jacob. i like jacob as her friend. i think he is an awesome friend (most of the time) and i like edward as her bf/husband.

whats your opinion?

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new moon. right after the cullen abandoned bella
So was I
Right when they first mention Jacob in Twilight!! :)
I was never really team edward. Ever. I've always been Team Jacob, even from the snippet in Twilight. But when New Moon came out, I was ALL about Jacob, and still am. :) Get rid of Edward and I'm a happy girl...mmmmm.....Jacob....*drool* Lol.
at frist i was a team edward in twilight with a little of team jacob. but when i read new moon my heart went with jacob in a second. cause i know the feeling to love someone eough to do whatever they need you to be. at the end of the movie my heart broke form him i cry cause you can see the pain in his eye and it's was like i was seen myself in the big screen.Edward have something about him that most girl will go for but jacob have much more to give to a women.
Anna Night: " I think I became Team Jacob, when l read and understood The Series, But my opinion on Edward is that he seems kinda stalkerish and creepy "

Jacob wasn't mentioned that much in Twilight, and I most definitely wasn't (and am not) on Team Edward. So I guess New Moon. Edward is soo, blech. . . .i loved the way Jacob was there for Bella when Edward left. Jacob rules ^-^. oh, btw, happy holidays to everyone! =D
well i liked edward in Twilight (cause there was no jacob) and Edward was so nice

but after reading new moon when he left her i felt that hes bad but i was upset that he wasnt there in new moon ...i was like bella (switzerland) but i liked jacob soooo much and i was angry when Edward went to the Volturi "he left her why on earth would he kill himself if she committed suicide?!?! " thats how i thought and i started thinking that Edward is Selfish so i liked Jacob more when that happened and when bella and edward hurt him at the end of the book

but while reading Eclipse I hated bella and edward and everyone cause jacob was hurt badly by them and after all he didnt even hesitate to fight against the newborn army for bella ( so i was absolutely team jake ) and i wished to be bella to heal his wounds and never hurt him in the first place and i cried too much in Chapter 26. Ethics

and in breaking Dawn i loved Jake more and more and the opposite for Edward :D and Book 2 was my favorite
when i read new moon and realized that he was probably my favorite character
new moon, because he didn't have a big part in twilight.
I was Team Jacob in Twilight :D


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