The Twilight Saga

i just did this cuz i got really bored and my bff wanted to know what u guys think.

Does JACOB look better in long hair or short hair?

i personally say short cuz it makes him look super Hot with a capital H.
but i guess he looks kinda good in long hair.
wat do you guys think?comment.

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I don't think he looks good with long hair, personally.
Like, nice body and all but... PHEWWWWW! when he has short hair it's like... I CAN'T GET MY HANDS OFF YOUR POSTER!
rofl x]
i love him with short hair.
2 hot in short hair
SHORT - you can see his features more, he's soo fine & super sexy! Love me some JACOB/ TAYLOR! Long or short he still capture my heart!
short hair is better
i think Taylor is supper hawwt whatever his hair looks like ! <3
I think the short hair is better, but the long hair isn't that bad either. Jacob is super cute either way!
i love him with short hair it makes him cute but with long hair hes cute too
Short! and he is supa HOT!!!
i like him with short hair better it makes him look hotter cause u can see his face more. =]
it jus dnt matt3r 2 me es jus hottttt either way!!!!!!!!!!!!


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