The Twilight Saga

i just did this cuz i got really bored and my bff wanted to know what u guys think.

Does JACOB look better in long hair or short hair?

i personally say short cuz it makes him look super Hot with a capital H.
but i guess he looks kinda good in long hair.
wat do you guys think?comment.

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i like it long, and short, most guys don't look good with long hair but taylor looks good with long hair
the short hair is so much sexier.
my exact words. lol...
def short and it's more like a capital H.O.T
short all the way but he still looks gawgus with long hair
for some reason i think the longer hair is sexier but the short hair woorks to lol
i'm torn between both! to me his hair represents the two personalities i see in jake.
short hair - definately sexier! i see him as the protective/jealous/sarcastic wolf
long hair - still hot and he can pull it off better than most but he's the sweet/loving/caring/warm Jacob
Long cause it's suits his formal outfit better!
totally short hair. i agree that he looks hot with a capital H
Long hair. It makes you want put your hands in it
He doesn't look bad in long hair, but almost everyone agrees he looks WAY better without the wig.


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