The Twilight Saga

I heard that breaking Dawn will b
splitting into 2 parts. Im just thinking
where do u want d 1st part ends n
w/c part begins part 2?

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If it was up to me I would like part one to end where Bella finds out that she's pregnant and part sould pick up with jacob's POV just like the book.
Hmmm i guess jacob's p.o.v. is 2 short 2 support d story 4 part 2^_^
Ya i agree with u elizabeth^_^ what is on my head now is the ending part of bd1 is like d heart stops beating then a thud n another thud thud thud after its changing hearts^_^
i think that part one should be right up to the end of jacob's pov in the book and then have the second bella's pov be part 2 since that section is so long
Lol thats funny! Many people really hate bella^_^
There r some qualities of her that i like but d rest is no good. Im saying i dont like her but i like her if im in mood 2 like her...LOL
i think it should just be one long movie haha no i agree it should end when he imprints on nessie :D
I think part 1 shood end at the begining of jacob's pov with a cliffy and part 2 goes from there I donakt even think they shood make 2 parts the just make 1 3 hour movie
Ya im also thinking about that. Its very hard 2 divide bd into 2 parts. I can also sit 4 entire 6hours just 2 watch breaking dawn but ya they split into 2. Swear i can watch movie or dvds in a whole day >_*


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