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who doesnt like the idea of jacob imprinting himself on bellas daughter?

seriously i wish the saga could go on with the love triangle involving edward, jacob and bella.
i guess im just sad to see twilight go out, i mean i heard that they leaked the first chapter of edwards POV but cmon if she stops writing because of that ill be one of the many disappointed fans. also i would very much like to see a jacob black POV if she decides to keep writing edwards. anyways off topic i really liked breaking dawn until that happened i mean seriously the way jacob goes out is imprinting on bellas daughter, thats wrong on so many levels, i mean she used to love jacob for **** sake. anyone state your opinion and why.

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bella isnt a bad person...i aint to fond of her but its not her fault that he kept going after her...she needed him but she told him multiple times that it would never be that way for them
thank you least some1 understands..
I think its perverted, totaly jacked up, and discusting all the way! Its just sick that someone could even think like that! I mean, think of it like this; 2 (teen age) boys like 1 (teen age) girl. She marries one and gets knocked up(still teen). she has a baby. the other boy falls in luv with her kid and they run away 2gether. (And they all lived happily ever after) The End.
ICK! Well that sure sux!

P.S. I know ur all jellious of my awsome story writing skills.
but if you look at it carefully its not like that when shes a baby.........hes like her babysitter...he loves her but not in a sexual way... the same way quill and claire are.... just jacob wont have to wait that long before she is his age because renesemee is growing up fast.
and with bella and edward being teenagers...edward is 100 years old...and bella was always the adult in her family...thats why they are so right for eachother...they are both older in their heads then they appear to others...
i hate the idea. i mean... come on. renneseme is what, 2 or 3. bad idea.
i don't know. I would like the idea a book about maybe seven years later and the love between Jacob and Nessie. She almost like Bella and I mean none of them get older anyway, so the saga can continue.
EW!!!!! That makes Bella Jacob's MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!! I was COMPLETELY disgusted by the imprinting!!
i think its kinda weird that their kids would be human, vampire,& werewolf. (WOW thats 2 mythical creatures in one)
1 question i have to ask all jacob fans .................... isnt renesmee jacob'ss daughter ???? thats the part ive been confused on !!!
no she is Edwards and Bellas


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