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who doesnt like the idea of jacob imprinting himself on bellas daughter?

seriously i wish the saga could go on with the love triangle involving edward, jacob and bella.
i guess im just sad to see twilight go out, i mean i heard that they leaked the first chapter of edwards POV but cmon if she stops writing because of that ill be one of the many disappointed fans. also i would very much like to see a jacob black POV if she decides to keep writing edwards. anyways off topic i really liked breaking dawn until that happened i mean seriously the way jacob goes out is imprinting on bellas daughter, thats wrong on so many levels, i mean she used to love jacob for **** sake. anyone state your opinion and why.

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i think its a bad idea
mixxin the species is a bad idea
(not that they would do it at this age, when she is older)
I 100% agree!
i find it a little awkward that he imprinted on bella's daughter....
i actually feel bad for renesmee though, won't it all be strange for her
when she gets older to find out that jacob has kissed her mom??
it's pretty wrong. . . .
haha i know its totally awkward, i just really hope for jacobs sake she looks 17 at least haha. but still in the book bella said he looked more like 27 than 16 or 17, jeeez but than what happens when jacob doesnt need to fend of the vampires anymore? he'll start aging but she wont :O!
Actually as long as he keeps phasing he wont age. The vampires cause the fever, but the wolves can still phase even when they're arent any vampires to protect people from. It's just that the tribe elders chose to stop to grow old with their wives. They chose to stop and let their sons carry on the tradition. If it was passed through the blood there was no need to keep living. You know? But now Jake has got a reason to keep phasing, Renesmee. I actually liked that he imprinted on Renesmee(don't like the name much though). I mean if he hadn't he would've been sad and lonley and gone on to find the girl he'd love second best. But now he and Bella can love eachother the way it was meant to be. Now they're a sort of family. I mean if Jacob and Edward had fought that wouldn't broken Bella's heart. Even more so if one of them was killed. People also think it's weird that he imprinted on her cause she's little. They find it odd and a tad creepy, but when he imprinted it's not a romantic love it's more of a protector, then when she's older she can choose to love him. He'll always be there for her no matter what. If she needs a friend or a brother or a lover. She'll love him in her own way, whether it's (like I said) friendship, family or romantically. So, all in all I like the saga's ending. In life you never know what's going to happen, but in books the ending never changes. Unfortunately in life a happy ending isn't always certain, but here in the Twilight world and in the imagination of Shephenie Meyer everyone gets their happy ending. Anyway that's my opinion. Add me if you'd like. I'm new here.
ya kissed her mom..hope she doesnt find out lol
actually em really happy that he imprinted!!! or else he wud be so lonely all da time! i was glad that he finally found a girl who loved him back!!!
you know I'm not sure how I feel but I would like her to contiune with a Jacobs POv just to see how his relation with Renesmee in her teenage and adult years. I think Jacob and Edward should of faught to the death or something for Bella.. but thats just my opinion
if i was bella i think it would be soo creepy knowing that u were in love with him and now hes in love with ur daughter i mean ewwwwwwwwwww
i agree with you thats wrong. a 16 year old boy imprints on a baby that's younger than 4 months old is just disgusting!
I agree!!


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