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I'm not sure if it's only me, but it really bothers me how people are trying to fantasize Taylor Lautner (Jacob) paired up with these little disney star chicks!

What is your opinion?

Jacob's Actor is pretty hot, I think he should be paired up with someone more ... Grown up than the disney girls!

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Replies to This Discussion's not something I've seen yet....but I do have to admit I did think of Jake...JAKE...NOT TL...and Bella...then Nessie as Bell and Beast.

I also thought of Ariel having some things in common with Bella...(they both fell in love with someone different and wanted to become what they are).
he n selana gomez wud make a cute couple though!
i dunno
I see what everyone is saying. Taylor is only 17 though. He's the same age as most of those Disney girls. He also dated Selena on his own choice.
I love the Wizards of Waverly Place too, But I still don't like the pairing at all haha. They may be the same age, but it just doesn't look right to me!
Taylor and Selena never dated. Ever. They just hung out as friends. And they wouldn't use each other like you said Selena did. They look like brother and sister to me---appearance-wise.

Yes, celebrities do odd things and the paparazzi goes crazy, but we all hear it through the middle man. How in the world can you verify anything you hear? Only they themselves know the truth. It's not all it's cracked up to be---the world really isn't as dramatic as People and m and Twist and J-14 and Us Weekly say it is. Taylor and Selena were friends...are drama there.

And if you wanted my opinion, I am no supporter/fan of a "Taylena" or Taylor L. and Taylor Swift couple. To be unfortunately honest, he doesn't need to have a girlfriend/partner. No one does. He's seventeen for crying out loud! He's still a kid! So am I!
Completely true. I agree.
That's probably what Selena did. She went out with Taylor just to see if she could get her friend with Rob. (or something like that). Basically she just used him, and it sucks cause it looked like Tay really like her.
:/ poor taylor, thats a pretty low move! I hadn't heard about that, I just noticed him and Taylor Swift and was like ...-gags self with a spoon-
More Pretty, and more grown up in my opinoin! :p


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