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I know you all are on team jacob but im on TEAM EDWARD and so are all my friends but me and my best friend got in this discussion over who has more fans EDWARD or jacob i would like to know what you all think even if you are on the opposite side and her is her theory tell me if you agree or disagree I would love to know and you all tell me who has more fans!  Her theory is that since jacob has a nicer body
than people will be on his side than on EDWARDS and that the TEAM
EDWARD fans are more die-hard(and it is true and that will do more. But
she still thinks that jacob has more fans but I know that it isnt true
and that EDWARD has more fans can yall please help me out and tell me
who has more people on there teams!

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hay look at the groop pg that will tell her and EDWARD has more
What thee heckk !?!
Yeah !! when !?!! Is it on thee internet ??? LOL
team edward has more fans, but jacob is way better :P


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