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Ok... So you can only read the Twilight Saga but so many times, and I'm looking for suggestions as to what to read next. If you guys can just throw some ideas in there I would appreciate it

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Stephenie Meyer often suggests books on her website. Two books (that follow each other) that I just read that rocked were The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Hope you like them!
i just finished reading The Hunger Games, loved it :]
I've heard a few things about that book. And thanks, I'll definitely look into it!
I actually read the books... They were definitely a great suggestion!!!!!
they were the best!
looooooooved the hunger games!! still need to read catching fire and mockingjay!

You'll love them! An amazing read!!!

If you want to stick to the vampire theme, I would go with Vampire Diaries, or Vampire Academy, or, House of Night. I also found this one series that was really good that Stephanie commented on herself, It is called the Mortal Instrument Series, it is not about just vampires, and I loved it. There are three books, City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass. Hope this helps :)
Thanks alot. I was particularly interested in series! I really appreciate it
If you like series the house of night has 12 books
I've gotten to The House of Night and The Mortal Instrument series.... They were both awesome!
well i just finished reading a series called the night world by l.j smith they were really good books


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