The Twilight Saga

Ok... So you can only read the Twilight Saga but so many times, and I'm looking for suggestions as to what to read next. If you guys can just throw some ideas in there I would appreciate it

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I read the book. It was different from what I'm used to but great nontheless.
I read the book speak after i watched the movie and loved it!
Speak? More details please... :)
maby if you are into vampires there is the vampire diaries but i dont think it is as good as twilight
I'm hind of hesitant to read Vampire Diaries because of the CW show based on it.... But I'll give the books a try regardless. I need a distraction from my Twilight obsession... lol. Thanks for your suggestion
Yeah, alot of people have recommended it. Thank you! Do you know how many books are in the series?
Once again, thanks!
I actually read the series! It really was a great suggestion!
Idk if this has already been suggested but I suggest that you read the Vampire Kisses series there are 6 books three in the first book that you buy so the first book has the first three books in it and I am on the third book almost 4th and I personaly love it and another book I suggest is Thirst I just got it abot 5 minutes ago and I am on chapter 9 and I'm a really slow reader soo i suggest those two series well the second suggestion only has one book so far but the author is working on the second one!!!!!
I love how detailed you're recommendation is... lol. Thanks I will definitely look into it. If possible, keep me updated on your reads...
Once again, thanks!
they were great!


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