The Twilight Saga

Ok... So you can only read the Twilight Saga but so many times, and I'm looking for suggestions as to what to read next. If you guys can just throw some ideas in there I would appreciate it

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you can read the evernight series, it is about vampires, really good books and it consists of three books: evernight, stargazer, and hourglass, and the fourth book called afterlife is coming out on march 2011...I find anything else i tell you!!:)
I will definitely look for it! Thanks for the suggestion.
Ugiles By: Scott Westerfield
Pretties By: Scott Westerfield
Specials By: Scott Westerfield
Extras By: Scott Westerfield
(They are kinda like the Twilight Saga..A girl is torn between to guys and it takes place in the future, Also the Midnighters By: Scott Westerfield is a series that is really good and/or Peeps By: Scott Westerfield is a fantastic book!
I loved Uglies!
Just in case you guys are looking for new reads: I recently read Wings by Aprilynne Pike. It was amazing.
delirium by lauren oliver or before i fall by   lauren oliver , pretty good
I want to read delirium so badly!
I read it... It's pretty twisted but it's captivating and makes for great reading!
I loved the Mortal Instruments series. I just haven't read the latest (fourth) book in the series. Great suggestion

Maze Runner is a good series so is the Gone Series.

yeah delirium was really good , makes u question the world ,got it on my nook Ereader
You should look into the Pretty Little Liars series (Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable, Wicked, Killer, Heartless, Wanted, and Twisted (coming out in July)). Also you should read The Missing Series (Found, Sent, Sabotaged) and one is my favorites is the Maximum Ride Series (Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, School's Out-- Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, Max, Fang, Angel)................These are some of my favorites!


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