The Twilight Saga

I just love the song!!! It's a remix of you belong with me, Jacob sing for Bella!!! It's on my MP3 and the song just play all the time!!! It's very cute!

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That was cute. Thanks for sharing!!!
ha! you are right!! that song is really funny!!! I loved it!!!! :D
that was awesome i love it
You're welcom!!
lol but kool
that song was cool...even though it was about my mom and my boyfriend!
Ha well? It is their creation???
lol that was soo cute lol loved it
that is soo damn awesome!!!!!! thank's men :) love ya!
that was awesome!!!!!!! ed is soooooooooooooooo sleazy!! .lololololololololol
"Hey watcha doin' with a sucker so wack?" I love that part! I couldn't stop laughing. . . cutest remix ever <3
Thaks all people!!


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