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One quicky question:

Who do you think better suits Jacob Black (okay putting aside the real PLOT, just for fun and if you think otherwise) Nessie or Leah?

I think Leah. She's hot. Jake's hot. So there. LOL!!!

some banners:

Team Jacob Pictures, Images and Photos

(Steph pre-edited the photo...and I turned it into a friggin banner!)

BW Nic 2
another one by Nicole!! I soo love this, my fave!

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(This for Allie Black, and Gonzy --they really like Kreuk to play Leah)

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nic's banner for BW
this one's made by nicole!!

Now this is my choice of Leah. Almond shaped eyes, full lips, hazel irises, copper skin, long straight hair. She doesn't have much of sexual-prowess...but she's the one I see in my head, running and phasing and eventually ending up broken...

(I like Jones too--sorry guys.)

ALL LAUTNER-HUDGENS PHOTOS ARE TAKEN FROM STEPH LAUTNER'S PHOTO ALBUM..she edits the pics...I turn them into banners ;p

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sorry...but this pic of jones drove me to drool banner making mode....hope it isn't too much!


Blackwater One Shots

Kwoli "Wolf in Quileute"

Full Circle


Leaning more towards the wolf I'm more into Jake's!!

JACOB BLACK Hot-blooded male with an aversion to clothing. Team Jacob! Because a space heater has more potential than a rock. Team Jacob! He left his paw prints on my heart.

Team Jacob! Once you go BLACK you never go back.

but wait?

Team Blackwater, Team Leah

Team Jacob Pictures, Images and Photos

team jacob rocks! Pictures, Images and Photos

Team Jacob 108.9 Pictures, Images and Photos

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Replies to This Discussion

sorry freaking hyper here!!!

I had joined this group because I do like Jacob and thought he to should have ended with Leah. But I do love Edward so I joined his team too. But
Sorry guys.
it alright
Uncle Eddie isn't that bad...he's very highly IDEAL!!!
lol...blackwater... yes, i would like it if they would've ended up together and not with nessie...
yeah way to go girl!!!
I think jacob should have ended up with leah not nessie but what ever...and off topic for a minute how is he supposed to stand the smell of her? lol
I freaking agree....and for Jacob's 'CHARACTER' and 'personality' HIS IMPRINT IS BEYOND seems forced...Just so Jacob's attachment to BELLA becomes freaking justified!!!
yup.i think SM likes bella morethan jacob
i've actually visualized and had a dream about this happening. i hated the ending of BD. in fact i hated the whole book really. yeaah it was ok, but coming up with a reason for his obsession to bella? seriously, cant he just love her like a normal person??

so yeah, he so should have gone with Leah.

as for the smell. well she's half human too. remember when bella first smelt her, she was enough of a vamp to not smell like a human to her, so i think its the same with Jake, she smelt enough like a human for her not to be repulsive to him. kinda funny in a weird way
Jacob and Leah's attitude are kind of the same...especially in Eclipse and BD --I THINK.
Nessie is Seth-cute? Yeah.
At first I thought it was weird that Jacob didn't imprint on Leah. It just seemed like they should be together. I was really taken by surprise though when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. I could tell that he had even before Bella figured it out just because of the way Jacob was being protective of her. I think it's really sweet that he imprinted on Renesmee. At least Edward and Bella know that she will be taken care of if they aren't around her.


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