The Twilight Saga

I know why i chose him:he's super hot,he cared for bella even when she turned her back on him and broke his heart to save edward!,and he is deeply passionate for the ones he love,ect.(trust me there's alot more).



What about You?

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Haha, you stole most of my reasons. I'd add, that you need a guy with personality, not someone who always acts perfect.
I'm a guy (DUH!) so I don't know. I want to be like him! THAT'S TRUE!!! If I could look and be like him, then I would be happy! :D
Yeah all the same reasons here and that he fights for something he so strongly believes and never gives up. He doesn't have to be perfect just himself and that is what counts not perfection but being himself, being able to make people laugh but also being as kind as possible.
I actaully chose him because he was bluntly honest with bella about everything that was goin on around her. I also chose him beacause he's that bestfriend every girl looks for in life.

Or boyfriend?



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