The Twilight Saga

Jacob ran and ran, to the point that the bottom of his paws burned from the pavement of the ground, the pain did not compare to the pain he had in his heart that was breaking. He slowed his running to stop. He phased
into his human side, it had been weeks since he had been on his two human feet,
six weeks to be exact. He kept his clothes tied around his ankle.

 He slowly and silently put on his clothes, finally looking from the ground he saw where he had stop, a little house, he walked to the door and stepped inside, it looked
as if someone has been living in there, there was a bed that looked very old
but was big, it had a refrigerator next to a TV that been turned on, he looked
to the right and saw a book shelf….and a girl who sat in the corner of the book
shelf , her arms wrapped around her knees that was pulled close to her, he
could hear her sobbing , he could also tell that she was not human, but he
could her heartbeat. “hello” was all he could pull from his throat, the girl
quickly lifted her head up to look at him, her eyes were as green as grass
itself, her dark red hair tied in one big braid hung on her shoulder, her
tanned face looked weak and tired.

 She looked him with such sadness; it shook him to the bone. “hi” she trembled to him “you’re a werewolf…” he looked at her with shocked eyes he tried to say something to her but she cut
him “why are you here?” he opened his mouth but again, “is your heart broken
too?” he shut his mouth, he felt the pain come back again, he tried to hold it
back from her, he felt as if he needed to. He slowly sucked in breath as he
tried to speak without the pain being heard in his voice. “Yes” then he heard
her crying again, he came down to his knees and got closer to her.

 She saw moved closer to her and saw the look on his face. “Did someone break yours?”  He asked and she felt more tears run down her face as she looked away from him, she shook her head and wiped her tears away
again. “Do you want to tell me?” he held out his hand to her, she looked at it
in silence; she shakily grasped his hand, and mentally pushed herself into him,
tightly wrapping her arms around him she sighed as she felt his arms slowly
embrace her, Jacob held this girl in his arms like he had been holding her his
whole life, he was quite flabbergasted at first by how she threw her self into
his arms, by accepted her hug anyway, feeling her tight hug he softly squeeze
her back , he pick her up and walked her over to a couch, when he sat down
moved away from him, he quietly wished she was back in his arms. The girl sat
on the other side of the couch facing him as he did the same, it was silent, and
they didn’t speak a word.

Everything was calm, “what’s your name?” “Hayley…..what’s yours?” “Jacob” “it’s nice to meet you, Jacob” “same here”…………… “You don’t have to hear the story if you don’t want to, it’s kind of sad” “I don’t mind” he
looked at her with such interest; she gave in to his eyes and started to speak.
“I live down by daharas forest a little Indian rez, everybody down there was
the normal and the same, I had friends and a life, and everything was perfect.

 Until I had to go to high school, my mother couldn’t home school me any more like I wish that she could of….when I went to school, everybody looked at me differently then, I was
know as the geek who was to good to go to school like the rest of them, I was a
total out cast like some of the others, then when I changed, pa-pa told me that
I wasn’t alone, that there were others like me…” she smiled at the thought of
not being alone jacob had crossed his legs and had been listing the whole time
“are you a werewolf?” she shook her head “ when I first met those people, my
brother emilo, was there he had been one from an early age, the pack took me in
as another family member, and I became the strongest of the bunch because of
mark, my mentor, the one who taught me fight when I was in wolf form and out, I
could take any male wolf down in under a minute, mark was proud of me.

One night when I decided to tell mark how I felt about him, he pushed me away, then led me on, over and over again. To the point that he made me believe that I truly loved him with every inch of my soul in my body,
again I went tell him and he had him self wrapped around some blond from school,
my whole world just crashed into the ground and started burning I changed into
wolf form and ran to the point that I couldn’t feel my hands or feet, came here,
ever since that night, I’ve been here for the past seven weeks” she fumbled
with fingers as she looked away, she drew a scattered breath and exhaled trying
hard not to cry again.

 “What about you, what girl hurt you?” Jacob didn’t speak for a little bit “this girl named bella, we were friends when was little then when she left and then came back after a few
years, she made me believe she wanted me, but all she saw me as is a friend…” “What
did she do to make you believe she wanted you?” “ she flirted just to get some
information out of me, about……about those stupid leeches” he felt anger as
memories flooded back to him, he started to shake; tremors shook him, he closed
his eyes to try to calm down, but he couldn’t, he going to phase right in front
of her, he hoped that she had moved, she had but not away, but closer to him,
holding him, running her fingers through his hair, shushing him; singing a
small tune, his anger subsided to a stop as he sat their , Hayley still holding
him, still singing, she rested her head on top of his, she heard him wrap his arms
around her.

 “I wish there was no such thing as pain when I came to love…..” he heard Hayley say they stayed in this position for a while, as he silently had tears come down his face, Hayley
spoke again, “I just wish the pain would stop, it’s burning a hole in my heart*sniffles*
I can’t barely stand any more…..jacob?” he looked up at her as she looked down
at him, the streams of tears were back again.

“Can you make it go away, please…?” She looked at him now face to face, she held his face in her hands, their lips softly touched, the second time jacob kissed her back, he needed this, he needed to be loved; get
rid of the pain that inside of him like a toad. They gave each other small
little kisses Hayley whispered “please, just make it go away” as he whispered
“anything for you……”.

Jacob took Hayley by the hand and slowly led her to the bed, there where no more words, nothing but the sounds of clothes being departed from their owners bodies, and the soft sighs of love being made through the
night. It was night when both Jacob and Hayley laid in bed wrapped in each
others arms,

 Jacob had been twirling his fingers in her hair that had unraveled itself and made a curtain against the pillow, Hayley giggled at the slight tugging at her hair “jake?”  “yes” 
“ have you ever done this before?” “ no, why?”  “Really?, it didn’t seem like, it felt like
you knew what you were doing”  she
reached up and nipped at his earlobe and giggled again. “You seemed very
experienced you’re self” “ for some reason you’ve given me confidence, I like
it” she gave a kiss on his cheek, then gave him a kiss on the lips, jake
hungrily attacked her lips with his, he pulled her legs around him till she
straddle him, she pulled away from the kiss breathing hard. “I could do this
every day for the rest of my life” “me too” Hayley rubbed herself against him
and whimpered as she felt him get hard. “Please jake” he grabbed her hips and
quickly thrusted himself inside of her, they both moaned loudly, they moved at
a quicker pace till they gave each other  their release, and fell asleep.

When Jacob woke up, Hayley was not next to him, weird how he didn’t like the feeling, her being gone “Hayley?” he called out a faint call from another room “in the kitchen”, along with the smell of food. With that his
stomach growled, he got from the bed and followed the smell into the kitchen,
he was pleased to find her placing food on a plate, “hi” Hayley around and
smiled at him, “hi” she took more food from the pan and put on the plate, then
took biscuits from the oven, jacob walked over and helped her with the over
food she had cooking. “You sure did cook a lot” “oh please this is just the
little stuff I just got done cooking, the rest is on the table” his eye brow
shot up. “How much food, did you cook?”

“enough for the both of us, go look” he looked at her as she stirred something up in a pot, he smiled as he noticed how fresh her skin looked compared to yesterday, her eyes were clear and not red with tears,
happiness radiated off of her body, he moved away and took a glance over at the
table she had been pointing to, the table had been filled with food, starting
with bacon, to pancakes, jacob stood there with drool practically dripping from
his mouth, Hayley walked by and placed the rest of the food on the table and
shut his mouth close, “you cooked a lot of food” “I knew you’d be hungry when
you woke up, seeming we slept for almost two days, come on sit” she pushed him
to his seat and sat him down, she sat next to him, and began to dig in to their
and before you know half of the food on the table was gone.

When they finished eating they helped each other with the dishes, and then walked out side, Hayley had entwined their hands together, their bare feet crushed the fallen leaves beneath them, jacob had been walking
with Hayley for a while pondering on something, “Hayley?” “Yea” “where did all
that food come from?” she over to him and smiled and looked down. “I guess I
have to explain part of my life so that you can under stand” jake looked

“You see that my hair is a dark red, but my skin color is darker than most red headed people” she said with a smirk “my father’s parents were of two native American tribes, one Cherokee , the other Quileute, those
together made my father, a werewolf, but my mother…” she exhaled “she was both Irish
and Japanese, she was also a witch from her mothers side” they stopped by a wide
deep river and sat down and put their feet in the cold clear water, jacob had
laid down on his back and Hayley laid on her hands.

“When both my mother and father met they couldn’t stay away, they married at the age of 17, although father wasn’t allowed to even look at people like my mother” “why not?” “she was a witch and not native, but still
father convinced her to live with him back in dahara after they were married,
when they came back, people didn’t respect her, years after they had me, things
got worse little by little, people wouldn’t talk to our side of the family,
then one day we were at lanis park, and I was playing in the mud, I was about 6
years old and a few kids came and threw rocks at me calling me a half breed,
but I couldn’t say anything I didn’t understand what they were saying” jacob
looked over to her “you didn’t know how to speak English?” “No, my mother
taught my father how to speak Japanese, that was the only we spoke in the
house, but then after the rocks had thrown my mother taught me how to speak
different languages including English” jacob saw her smile as she wiggled her
toes in the water, jacob had been playing with a leaf in his hand, he placed
the small brown leaf in her hair. She giggled and kissed him on the lips. “So
your mother made this place?” “Exactly!!” Hayley tossed her foot in the air,
water dropped on them as they laughed. “My mom conjured up this house up just
for me and her” she pushed herself a little bit closer into the water it got to
her knees when she decided to dive in the freezing water. She came above the
water and looked at Jacob, who just laid there, smiling, Hayley rested her head
on her hands, “you’re awfully smiley” “just thinking” “of what, what could
possibly be thinking of?” “If your moms a witch what does that make you? and
what is this between us” jacob sat up and looked down into the water as if he was
looking for answers to just come swimming by, say hi or whatever. “my mother
being a witch also makes me a witch as well, and for your second question” she
jumped up from the water to kiss him fully on the lips, jake had one hand on
her waist and one on her cheek, Hayley traced his lips with her tongue begging
to be let in, jacob pulled her closer as he explored the inside of her mouth,
she moaned into his mouth, jake pulled her out of the water and turned her on
her back, Hayley felt heat and the desperate need to be touch over whelm her
body, she pushed her hips up towards him, then it dawned on her. “Oh no!” jake
was breathing hard “what?” Hayley ignored it hoping it was just lust she was
feeling. “Nothing”…..

my first story, in this story hayley's brother emilo is the little boy from the tenth kingdom during the gypsy scene!!!

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I Luv Dis So Much.Plz Update Soon!!!
OMG I'M SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!! my computer has virus and i've trying to get it off the say four or five days until i can get on, that four or five more days of wait unless my mother leaves her laptop at home and if she does i'll it in tomorrow after noon
once again i am deeply sorry please hold upo for just a few more hours. again i;m sooooooooooooooooooooooo sry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohh, that's okaay. I can't wait til u update though. I love this story.
She froze, Jacob, what he was doing here, her heart started to speed up, she couldn’t help but to smile towards him, she was grateful she thought she would never see him again. “hi” his voice brought back memories that made her knees weak, she kept her cool even though she felt as if she was gonna burst into flames. “Hello jacob” then she turned her eyes away from him, silence, it was…awkward “I glad to see feeling better” “you should’ve seen your brother earlier, he was practically crying” Paul said laughing

“I was not, I was just worried, that’s all” Hayley smiled toward her brother, “aww, my little brother was worried about me. So cute” she giggled and patted Emilio's head, for some reason she felt at ease, she had her child with her and emilo was safe, the only problem was Jacob, she couldn’t risk him remembering everything, the nights they had together, his daughter, the fact that she cast a spell on him. She cast it off for now, she’d worried about later right now she just wanted to be happy.

“do you guys wanna hear what I named the baby” an eruption of yeses flooded her ears, she never knew they would be so excited “her names Katherine Elena bloodhart” jacob smiled widely as he held his hand out and all the guys placed money in his hands and then they all started laughing, Hayley looked confused “sorry Hayley we should explain, jacob bet that he could guess what the baby’s name was and he got it right” embry said an upset face, Hayley's heart started to beat faster again how right could he have been? “And how right were you?” “Dead on, first and middle name” “oh,” there went that awkward silence. Thank god for Emily, “Hayley I made you some food, you must be really hungry” her stomach growled right on cue.

Hayley blushed and covered up her face with her free hand “well, I guess that was a hint and half telling me that was hungry “she laughed, Emily gave Hayley her food and she sat down and ate it all in under 10 minutes with her sleeping baby in her hand.

Emily took her plate and placed it in the sink. “thank you Emily” after that quil and Paul had gotten into a very loud conversation and ended up play fighting, Hayley felt like she was home, eventually Sam had broken up the fight, then he turned to Hayley, who had been looking down at her baby at the moment. “Hayley?” Hayley's head shot up like she had been caught doing something that she wasn’t supposed to.

“Hmm” “can you tell us why you were in the woods in the first place?” Hayley looked over to emilo who had suddenly became interested in the fabric of the couch, she sighed “long story short, my second time running away, I was pregnant, my leader became a creep, and he was following me every where, so I was kinda running away from him”

She heard a growl and she knew it was Jacob everyone looked at him, he looked down “sorry” Sam shook his head “you said second, why did you run away in the first place?” “ another long story short, I had a crushed on my leader, thought he liked me, he didn’t, it was to much stress, to much heartbreak ,ran off, met another guy, had a fling for five months ,he left ,I left, found out I got pregnant, and then were back to story number one” “who was the guy?” Hayley had sighed again pushing back memories that fought to get out. “he was a runaway too……..he was sweet….he treated me like he loved me……….like guys are supposed to when their in love……….he was a heart breaker, and when he left my heart that he pieced together, broke off again”

Then she smiled “then I found out that I was pregnant, I was so happy, I felt as if I wasn’t so alone anymore” the room was silent. Hayley smacked her lips together “and that would be my sob story heh” she laughed a little. Then Paul spoke up “your leader is an idiot for not wanting you, you’re amazingly hot, baby or not I’d take you any day babe oww!!” Paul winced when Emily had hit him on the back of his head. She laughed again. There was a knock on the door “ can someone please let me in” quil got up and walked tot the door “ wow, leah actually said please” he opened the door and two people stood in the door way, Hayley guessed the girl names was leah. “would it have killed you to walk faster” she scowled

“yeah it would of killed me, but seeing you is so much worse, hey seth” they walked into living room where everyone was gathered at, leah looked over to Hayley, Hayley automactically wasn’t afraid of this girl. “whose this?” “this is Hayley, a girl we found last night, this is her little brother emilo” embry muttered. Leah looked at Hayley then at the baby she held in her arms,

then she looked at jake who hadn’t looked at Hayley at all the whole time, leah did that a few times and said nothing. “Hayley?, can I speak with you for a moment” leah grabbed Hayley and pulled her out the back door, Hayley felt somewhat starteled by being randomly grabbed. “ so Hayley, when are you going to tell jake that, the child your holding is his!?”

I finally have it up thank god I’m so happy!!! Thank you for waiting my little wolves

*~*alera ( sry if it is a tad bit short)
SoooooooooooooooGood!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!!!
Can't wait til u post more!
ur soo good at this!
hurry up theres only certain stories i stick 2 and read and urs iz 1 one of mi many i have about 15 more plz hurry with the next chappie and i love this one but how does leah now that thats jakes baby lovin ur storie

Rosalie Hale*
plz add more....LOVING ur story!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it!!! keep writing!
omg i love this story so much.
PLEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ write more this story is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good i need to read more
OMG.!! When are yhu qonna write more.???????


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